Social Media Role in Effective SEO

Social media plays a very important role in marketing, and so does SEO. While the advantages of the first may not seem the same as those of highly optimized content, as an Internet marketer, you should know that they complement each other rather well. Here are some ways of implementing social media on your marketing efforts, while improving your SEO results.

1. Linking in, linking out

Reaching an audience is often done through SEO. Every blogger, every Internet marketer, every website owner knows how important is that potential visitors and customers are able to land on your page and stay there for a while. Social media also plays a part. Effective SEO would be only part of the solution, if it were not for so many communities like Digg, or Stumbleupon, where you can post your content and ask people to vote you. By linking in with these communities, you empower SEO, as visitors will find it easier to reach you while using keywords through such third party websites. Also, extra links bring more authority to your website, making it easier to score higher in search engines, as well.

2. Optimizing your social media campaigns for keywords

People that populate social media websites are used to searching for content, in the same way they search using popular search engines. This means that any content you may add through these social networks, it needs to be well indexed, in terms of SEO. It is not that complicated, either, since you are already familiar with what keywords are hot as you write and add content to your website. As you can see, the two complement each other, boosting your traffic.

3. Targeting your audience

An important benefit of using social media for effective SEO is that it is much easier to target your audience, by using the tools put at your disposal. Social media networks link people that have the same sex, the same location, the same interests, the same preferences and so on. While SEO is designed to help you reach the best possible audience, social media can help you narrow down your audience to those that would truly be interested in your products or services.

4. Refining your goals

A thing that you need to understand about social media is that it is not a direct marketing tool, in the same way as SEO. People that populate social media networks are not necessarily interested in buying something or visiting a certain website. They are used to browsing through a large variety of options until they find something they really like. The role of community is also very strong; something liked by the majority will land on the front page and will generate more traffic for the lucky winner. Use SEO to identify potentially interested visitors but do not push a product in order to generate sales directly while on social media networks. Raising brand awareness and other benefits can be obtained this way, without having to use direct sales strategies.

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