Social Stereotypes Infographic

Anybody with a website will know that you need an online presence to make your mark in the digital arena.  Social Media is the most effective way of building an online audience and communicating with them in an immediate way.  Finding the right platform for your online persona needn’t be like wading through a quagmire if you can get the lowdown on the Social Sharing websites.

Some of the online social spaces will be more relevant to your individual needs than others and it’s crucial to find the best way to conduct a dialogue with your target audience.  Once you find a few pertinent snippets of information on each of the major social networking websites you should have a better idea of which ones would best suit your needs.  When you’re planning your social marketing strategy you need to look at all the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision that will benefit your website.

Whatever your website’s about, whatever it does, whatever you do, you’ll need to find some facts and figures that you can use to determine where to go to have your say online.  Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter where you’re actively commenting or Pinterest of Flickr where you’re sharing images – there’s a right place for everyone.  Myspace is great for people who are really into music, with more than 42 millions songs to check out.  If it’s the local news that you’re interested in, then Twitter may be the place for you.

social stereotypes infographic

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