FREEBIE: Spoon Mobile UI Kit with Hand Gesture Illustrations (PSD)

Spoon Mobile Wireframe Kit is brought to you by FileSquare – an app that helps designers to create beautiful prototypes and collect feedback easily. The kit has a simple and elegant style. You can easily design the wireframe of your next mobile app with Spoon.

What’s inside the kit?

This wireframe kit contains all kinds of UI elements such as toolbar, keyboard, drop down box, on/off button and so on. It covers all common elements you may need in a mobile app wireframe design.

It also comes with a phone sized grid and three illustrations of hand gestures. With the phone sized grid, you can position the elements easily to design the interface. Since gestural interaction design is trendy, FileSquare’s designer also put a set of hand gesture illustrations inside the kit. You are able to enhance your mockups easily by using the gesture illustrations.

All elements are drawn in vector, hence scalable. You can expand them to infinite size.


Where can I use it?

The kit is carefully crafted, customizable for different usage. The Spoon Mobile Wireframe Kit is perfect for making wireframes of a mobile app at the early stage of design. After you finish the wireframe, you may consider to use FileSquare to create clickable high-fidelity mockups and impress your client with nice polished prototype.

As for the license, you can use the royalty free icons for any personal commercial project including web design, software, application, advertising, film, video, computer game, gui design, illustration, for you or for your clients under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

How to get it?

The wireframe kit is totally free! Please visit, provide your email address, and the zipped file will be sent to you in minutes. If you find the kit useful, don’t forget to share the joy with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Behind the design

“I always want to make eye-catching designs, and it’s exciting to impress the clients with high quality wireframes from the very beginning. I gradually discard the sketches and turn to beautiful wireframing UI kits in recent years. I design with Photoshop and create realistic prototypes with FileSquare, which is also a great startup I am working for. It helps me to demonstrate high-fidelity mockups vividly and spot the usability problems before I code the app. Hopefully, the UI kit designed by me and my favorite tool FileSquare can accompany you in designing creative and amazing products.” — Frank Lam

About the creator

FileSquare is a web and iOS app that helps designers to impress clients with prototypes and simple feedback. You can visit to find more about it. The team behind FileSquare loves to hear from you! You can always find them on FacebookTwitter and Google+. (Bonus: Its blog has more freebies provided by FileSquare, check them out!)

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