Advanced Tactics for Reputation Management SEO

SEO for reputation management is one of the hottest topics of 2016. With so many more consumers using online research in their purchasing decisions, a single bad review can tank sales. And often it can take as many as 10 good reviews to balance out a single bad one.

And bad items in search results for company names are an even bigger issue. If just a Google turns up bad press, most potential buyers won’t even bother looking at reviews. But how can you drive down negative press in search results, or promote positive information so that it rises to the top? We’ve got some great tips and tricks in advanced methods for protecting your company’s reputation with same SEO tactics used by white label reputation services.


Growing Your Social Profiles

What you shouldn’t do is register on dozens of social websites and point them all at each other. It’s a good way to waste time and not to accomplish the goal. What you should do instead is build profiles on just a few of the top social media websites, and grow them carefully. Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, and Facebook are the most effective to use. But just registering your business on these platforms isn’t enough. You need to participate heavily on them for search engines to crawl them faster. Make lots of friends, post a lot and frequently over a minimum of 2 weeks, and earn rankings for those profiles. Regular, authentic participation in the platform community is the most important mechanic for getting those profiles to rise in SERPS.

Have a Stock Bio Ready

Whenever press, magazines, or blogs write about a company or person, a stock bio usually accompanies it with two or three sentences and some links. Author one and have it ready! If you’ve already received some press, shoot it off to the author to include. This can ensure that those press items can show up a little better in SERPS for your business. But if you utilize the links in the stock bio appropriately, you can build SEO to all your social profiles and the items which you want to rank in searches for your business.

Donate to Charities Which Acknowledge You

You know how some charities will have an acknowledgements page calling out big donors? A good way to get positive SERP results is to donate to these sorts of charities if they have a strong SERP presence. Even small donation amounts, if they come with recognition from a high-ranking or powerful page on the charity’s website, is more than worthwhile. But even better, donating can also net you press releases, which can also be leveraged for SEO.

Put Up Hiring Announcements

Many of the biggest hiring websites which post available jobs keep records and public profile pages of employers! So if you’re hiring, put up announcements and create profiles at all of these job websites to bring up positive results in your SERPS. Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder are all great options to use! They usually have much better staying power than Craigslist, and look significantly more professional. You can give your business profiles there an additional boost by linking to those profiles on the hiring or employment pages on your website.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of ways to ensure that SERPS for your business name don’t destroy your firm’s online reputation! Correctly managing social media accounts on big platforms is arguably one of the best (and easiest) ways to do so, but there are other options too. Using bios from press information and articles, posting jobs at job aggregator websites, and even donating to charities can all help!

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