Terrific Power of the Color Black (Interactive Infographic)

In this blog entry we are considering the nature of the color black and how it’s used in web design. Also you have a great opportunity to look through an interactive infographic that will reveal some secrets of black.

The color palette includes thousands of colors and their shades, but there is one color that is absolutely different from others. Black is a special color as it doesn’t reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. Being the opposite of white, this is the darkest and the most mysterious color that conveys elegance, power and sophistication.

Black is considered to be the color of reliability, high quality and refined style. Black can make it easier to convey the sense of delicacy, prestige and high potential. That’s why it is on the top when it comes to the safest web colors which are actively used in web design. And as any other color, black has different tints and shades, among them black olive, pure black, onyx, jet etc.
When surfing the net, you may see many combinations of black with other colors as it is perfectly compatible with red, white, yellow, light blue and green. One of the main benefits of black is that it makes other colors look brighter and more captivating, adding a vivid contrast and expressiveness to your website.
Black is widely used when building online portfolios and also websites that have to do with jewelry, photography, web design, music, etc.
If you want to build effective black web pages, you should avoid a few mistakes. First of all, do not use too many colors in order not to overload the site. Use big fonts and unusual patterns to present your website’s content in the accessible way. Do not forget about style switchers so your visitors could choose if they prefer to read white text on the black background or vice versa.
Yes, black is a unique color, and if you want to reveal more secrets that will help you build beautiful black sites, we encourage you to look through an infographic about the color black that is featured below.

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