That badge is for real

It has been 3 months when I started this blog.  My initial purpose putting this one to life is to cater my interests in web and graphic design, latest technology, a list and collections of what is happening around the design world and for me to show my development while I am into learning great new thing on this world.

Three months and I am thankful that with the short span of time, Orphicpixel has now the following statistics:

You might had noticed the Philippine blog awards badge on my sidebar for quite sometime,  only today that  I read a 5 days old email informing me that my blog is an official nominee!  That badge is for REAL mate!

I am happy at least I made it to be an official nominee, that’s it, with the three months blog it was a great achievement to be considered.  Good luck to all the official nominee of PBA.

At the moment, I am  working on a new organization forum site, this one is exciting forum. Watch out for the announcement.

Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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  • TSI

    Well-deserved..congrats Mars!!!

    • you too Tsi, you made it to the official lists

  • The Lady in Green Ruffles

    congrats Kuya!

  • p0kw4ng


  • aperockstar


    keepm 'em coming!

    thanks for dropping by!

    * added to my blogroll

  • ever

    nice to hear this..congrats to all nominee of PBA2009!
    kasali rin pala ako dito..ngayon ngayon ko lang natanggap.:)

  • kikayness

    congrats Mars!

    Just got mine the other day! Congrats to us for making it to the official list 🙂

  • boypulubi

    It's lovely to hear that you're an official nominee on this year's Philippine Blog Awards. Which category are you in?
    All the best.

    • I am not sure what category I am, I just received an email from PBA stating that I was nominated.

  • Er, I haven't had my confirmation yet. Me and Otep seems to be disqualified. Well, no worries on anyone's part. Goodluck on this one. This blog deserves to be nominated. If you will be needing my help on this contest, do not hesitate.

    And you are a PR-3. That's good news for a three-month old.

    Ow, I just realized on the UEB (Underground Eye Ball) who Kutserong Kulot is.

    • Just wait for sometime, maybe PBA is sending a lot of email to all the official nominee that is why you haven't have yet the confirmation email.

      Actually that PR-3 was the stat when my blog is still 2 months, and I should have increase it already. But unfortunately there was no sufficient visitor to my site, maybe I will launch another contest. What do you think? Any idea?, and who the F**K is that?

      Oh! I remember that was my blog before, I also spent 2 years writing nonsense on that blog, then I decided to leave it happily ever after, I was only yesterday that I got a notification from my registrant that the domain is already 3 days expired.

  • monzavenue

    Congrats Mars. You deserved the nomination =)

  • cruxrifter

    CONGRATS!! 🙂

  • joycee

    Wow congrats! You deserve the nomination! 🙂

    • I that so? Really, really? 🙂

      That would be enough for now, I am glad that I made it to the official list.

  • mu_mu

    bud i like da blog theme!

    • I came across to this theme at Smashingmagazine website… made some modification

  • yhen

    wow congrats…

  • Anonymous

    congrats..kuya mars..
    you deserved it..:)

  • lilmiz

    congrats with the nomination! 🙂

    • thank you, and i am glad that you made your way to my new home

  • Nortehanon

    Congrats! And good luck, too.

  • Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD

    congrats! you deserve it brother!

  • reigun

    woot!congrats and goodluck!

  • Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD

    congrats! you deserve it brother!

  • reigun

    woot!congrats and goodluck!

  • thanks Father

  • eliment

    wow..this is cool.


  • tuutuukii

    congrats po.. 😉

  • minniemadz

    I guess my comment had not been posted. Will repost it.

    Congratulations! And I wanted to have that PR 3 too 😀

    • comments are subject for moderation.


      • minniemadz

        I'm sorry, there's no advice that had popped up after I posted my comment. 🙂

  • minniemadz


  • hey hey

  • congrats. do you know any other sites where i can register for me. iam from INDIA. and how to get traffic and inbound links. may you help me.

    • thanks for visiting too, just invest on social networking website, promote your links, and i am sure that you will soon have a lot of traffic, you are in the right way, you post a very interesting topics that is in trend.