The 10 Most Beautiful Personal Websites Using Joomla

Internet opened the era where every human can represent himself the way he wants. It’s brilliant, because this freedom of self-expression made our minds more flexible, positive-thinking and tolerant. People of previous generations could just dreams of such information liberty for each person regardless age, sex, nation, race and so on. Everyone can easily launch its website and represents his or her personality from professional, artistic, social and other aspects.

Well, it’s obvious that the personal website should be especially nice – it’s done for exactly for yourself, not for your boss, motherland or any others. And if you’ve chosen Joomla as your CMS you will find it really interesting. No, I won’t write the detailed instruction of how to launch the website with Joomla – I’ll do something much better. I’ll represent 10 most beautiful personal Joomla websites – check the best examples, learn from them, and make your own website even more beautiful.

Fernando Martinez Rosselli

Angie Villé

Núria Duran

best-personal-joomla-websites 2

Anthony Antonellis

best-personal-joomla-websites 3

Sean O’Shea

best-personal-joomla-websites 4

Glenn Hubbard

best-personal-joomla-websites 5

Igor Stefanovic

best-personal-joomla-websites 6

Simon Walti

best-personal-joomla-websites 7

Frans Hendriksen

best-personal-joomla-websites 8

Barry Semegran

best-personal-joomla-websites 9

As you could notice, the individuals presented in the listed website are very different and original. So, I hope, I will find the proper examples to be inspired from for your own personal web website considering the style you would like to design it in.

If you suppose my digest useful – I would be glad to read it in the comments.

Art Rivera is an independent writer creating articles for TemplateMonster, DesignFloat and He is passionate about blogging, social media and web design: you can watch the result of his work and interests on his Google+ account.

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  1. Caleb Serna says:

    Glad to know people are still using Joomla for their portfolios.

  2. orange county web designer says:

    These are great and interesting websites. Thanks for sharing.