The 7 Benefits of Guest Posting – a Win Win for Everyone

Guest posting has become a very popular method of SEO since the latst Google update (Panda). A lot of businesses are turning towards guest posting, though this is not a new method, infact it’s a very old yet extreamely effective method of marketing your website!

Guest posting is a win win for everybody involved, the webmaster gets fantastic content for his/her readers to enjoy and the guest poster gets a backlink to their personal blog as a thank you for the content. If done properly and you have located a good domain authority and pagerank website the benefits are amazing.




Here are 7 of the main benefits:

  1.  Wider Audience – You are posting (hopefully) within the same niche as yourself which in turn means you are getting readers that are in your market! Some of thse readers may like your article that much they may visit your website which will make your sales and increase revenue.
  2. Build Presence – The more your website and articles are out there the more readers see it and percieve you as an “expert” in the subject. You can build this up more by posting on authority websites, this can be quite tough as they do receive a lot of requests.
  3. Reach Out – Readers may have enjoyed your articles that much they decide to re-publish it or share it on social media sites which will get you more exposure, again to people within the same niche as you are targeting!
  4. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! – Some ways you can build up more exposure by using this technique for other bloggers is things such as making money on guest posts as most people who use guest posting will use a commercial link (these are SEO companies), you can also make money on shared ad revenues too.
  5. Measure up in your Industry – You can also check to see how you measure up within your industry by wiritng outside your bubble and testing your knowledge on others blogs, if you post on a blog with a lot of traffic and your guest post has little to no comments or feedback you will know what to do.
  6. Social Activity – Many blogs use this feature and 99% of websites DO use this feature to reach out to places such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Always share your post once you have guest posted. This benefits both you an the webmaster.
  7. Fun Factor – Guest posting can be quite fun as you are challenging yourself, let’s be straight… you are in the business of networking, right? Meet new people and build up your network of contacts you never know something good may come from it!

So there we have it boys and girls, guest posting at it’s finest! Try to aim for 5 per week and your contacts list will grow and your traffic/revenue will rise.

Author: Alan is an SEO expert and runs his own Internet Advertising company, he also writes in his spare time and shars his knowledge with the world!




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  • Drupaljungle

    The best and most effective way of getting backlinks is through guest posting. It is by far the best SEO technique. Thanks for sharing such useful points.

  • Guest Posting

    One of the best articles in the past few days.

  • I completely agree with this article. Through guest posting, both the webmaster and the guest poster gets something in return. There is nothing better than a mutually beneficial endeavor especially in a hard industry as SEO.

  • well guest posting is give and take of traffic, guest basically provide content also sharing of ideas and information so that others can apply the same