Wall Graphics: The Business and Residential Interior Design Solution

Walls are more than just vertical dividers or partitions. For an advertiser or marketer, a bare wall is an opportunity for branding and product or service promotion. The advancements in large format printing technology allow business owners to use wall graphics as displays, directional signage, and interior design. At the very least, removable graphics can be used to help your visitors find their way to your office or store. Custom wall art, when strategically designed and well branded, can help influence the thinking of people entering your space. They can be used anywhere and they are made to last for a long time. On the other hand, for a homeowner, removable graphics offer a competitive but less expensive alternative to wallpaper.

Inspire Your Employees and Wow Your Customers with Custom Wall Graphics

Using the right color and imagery can help improve the atmosphere in your office and make it a better workplace. Color is a powerful communication tool. Studies show that certain colors can help influence mood and performance. Colors in the red area of the spectrum provide warmth and comfort while those in the blue area of the spectrum can cause feelings of calmness.

You can also inspire your employees by using wall decals or lettering to post motivational quotes or remind them of your company’s core values and mission and vision. The advancements in large format printing technology make interior decoration using removable graphics more affordable. Now, even small businesses can make their walls stand out and use them to attract customers, impress visitors, and make their offices look more professional.

If you are in the retail business, you can use custom graphics to lead people to your store, let them know what you are offering, and if alert them if there is an ongoing sale or special promotion. Once inside your store, custom murals help enhance brand awareness and draw the attention of shoppers on product selections as well as influence them into making a purchase. At the very least, your murals can welcome shoppers and make them feel comfortable while they are inside your store.

Wall Graphics Make Interior Design Easy and Fun

Wallpaper is the traditional way of decorating walls. But paper, once applied on your wall, cannot be removed without damaging your wall. If you live in an apartment, you don’t have lot of options when it comes to interior design because you can’t make any permanent changes like have the walls painted or adorned with wallpaper. Removable graphics are easy to apply and are available in many different shapes, sizes, and textures. Decals are less expensive than wallpaper and you don’t have to cover your entire wall with them. If you have children, peel-and-stick decals allow you to give them exactly what they want on their rooms. When your kids get tired of the current theme, it’s affordable and easy to change the design. And if they decide that they want the old theme back, there’s no problem because wall decals can be re-applied many times.


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  • Jake

    Great article Kaycee,

    I have to agree that pricing has come down making it more affordable for small business. I’ve seen first hand how different images and colours can dramatically change a room. I’ve worked with many people that are ecstatic about the final result of their wall graphic or wall murals. Every time we produce and install these types of projects, the people working in that space LOVE IT! Great for employee morale. Customers, foot traffic, and existing clients also seem to enjoy the new look. Now a days, there are many different materials to choose which is important when choosing for a specific location. Interior, exterior, bathrooms (high humidity), how long will it be up for…., are important to know so that you get the best outcome.

    Great overview.