The Importance of Images on your Website

With the rise of mobile devices and social networks, having interesting, compelling images is becoming important for a website. While once it was commonplace to have massive amounts of text with minimal visual interruption on a page that is no longer the case.

Graphics are often key to getting more views. If you want more sales and conversions, it is important that you recognize the importance of images on your website.

Look at the Trends

You don’t want to be the last to note the importance of images on your website and make the shift to more visual pages with plenty of photos and graphics. Other big-name sites have already made the change with Facebook switching to the more graphic-driven Timeline and Pinterest operating as a series of boards with photos and other images “pinned” to them. This is one of the reasons why Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites on the Web.

When the big guns online begin making a shift, it is only a matter of time before smaller sites and companies will and should follow suit. You don’t want to be the last out of your competitors to do that. Otherwise, they will reap all of the benefits and you will be left behind.

Make that Visual Impact

Having graphics on your site can affect how likely it is that an article is going to gain traction. Articles that have images attached are more than 90 percent more likely to be viewed, particularly articles involving news, fashion, or lifestyle.

For more traditional company websites, this concept still holds true even without the presence of articles. If an image appears near your website description on a search ranking, users are more likely to click on your link than if there is no image at all.

Among the list of things that you can do with your e-commerce website to improve the odds that customers will make their purchases from your site is including an image of your product. More than half of Internet users have stated that seeing a photo of the actual product is more important than a long description, reviews and product-specific information.

It is also a good rule of thumb to provide photos of your products at different angles and showing different levels of detail. People don’t want any surprises after they make an online purchase.

Highlight the Event of the Season

Social media can provide a whole new outlet for businesses, especially in announcing upcoming events or specials. Social events with photos or other graphics accompanying them have higher user interaction than other event posts, just as a traditional post with an image are more likely to get interaction and views than one without.

Keep in mind that the more interesting the image, the more likely a social media “friend” will want to share it with others and spread your company’s message to a whole new circle of potential customers. Choose your photos and graphics smartly and creatively, and they can pay off in terms of your website’s performance.

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    thanks for sharing such an informative article about the importance of images on a website. The Importance of images in generating a lead has been well known in traditional marketing but Relevant product Image becomes even more important when there’s no physical product for users to see properly. ThePhotos on ecommerce website alone have to work to convey the true look and feel of your product.

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