The Importance Of Video Content In Digital Marketing

Video content is popular because of the combination of four elements: widespread access to high-resolution cameras and smartphones; fast internet upload speeds; free host websites such as Youtube; and the ability to engage content through social networking sites. If you want to run a credible and effective digital marketing campaign, you must incorporate video content into your strategy. You just need to decide whether you want to shoot the video yourself or employ a corporate video production company to do the job for you.

Home-video or Production Company?

If a ‘home-video’ style is appropriate for delivering your message, consider shooting, editing and uploading the video yourself. If you want your video to look professional, enlist the experts. A professional video will be storyboarded correctly, filmed with professional equipment, and pieced together by an experienced crew who are most likely using a high-end editing suite.


Choosing Your Video Content

Ask yourself what the purpose of the video is – what is the message that you are trying to deliver? What locations will you use? Who will star in your video? Here are a few examples of the types of videos that can be made:

Product demonstrations

Product demonstrations are done in an informative style. The sole purpose of the video is to show potential customers what your product looks like, what it’s used for and how it’s applied. Product demonstrations are great for filling a website with content, but are unlikely to be virally shared by people through social media channels. E.g. a restaurant could make a video showing the items on their lunch menu, mixed with some shots of chefs preparing them, customers enjoying them and customers giving testimonials.

Tips & Advice

If you have useful advice that you can share, then you should make an educational video. E.g. a restaurant could make a video showing how to make a particular dish. Educational videos provide value to the person watching them and are therefore more likely to be shared.

Staff Video blogs

Staff video blogs are a great way to show your customer’s ‘behind the scenes’. Shots could include staff carrying out their duties and talking about what it is like to do what they do for a living. The advantage of video blogs is that they are personal, therefore they ‘humanise’ your brand.

Make A Funny Video

Humour is the best way to reach an audience. If you can create a video that makes people laugh, it is most likely to be shared and has potential to become viral.

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