The Psychology of Color on Website Design Infographic

Did you know that a whooping number of 85% of surveyed consumers stated that color is the primary influencer when deciding to buy something? In addition, 42% of online users base their opinion of a website on overall design alone and  52% do not return to a website due to it’s bad aesthetics. With these numbers in mind, you can determine how powerful color is when designing your website. Many studies have proven that colors have an emotional impact on people and when it comes to web design, colors are not randomly used. Professional web designers are empowered with this knowledge and therefore are able to increase a website’s conversion by grabbing a user’s attention and triggering desired emotions.

The first step to a powerful web design is to understand color coordination. The color wheel is a helpful tool that allows you to get a visual representation of the relationship between colors. The color wheel is divided into warm and cool colors. Warm colors, for example, can be used to stir up passion, drive energy and create happiness. On the other hand, cool colors promote calmness, trust along with professionalism. Be careful when combining the warm and cool colors. If you’re using them exclusively, you might confuse the user and your web design will look too busy and untrustworthy.

The colors of the web can also be divided into primary and secondary colors. The primary colors are: Blue, Red and Yellow and they cannot be created by mixing other colors. Secondary colors like green, orange and purple are the results of combining two primary colors. Check out our comprehensive graphic below and learn more about what each color means and find out how developing the optimal color scheme for your website increases conversions.

Mars Cureg

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