The Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Addons

Are you on hunt for the huge collection of photoshop brushes, layer style, gradient and patterns? Those photoshop addons which will help designers to work faster and more efficiently that produces a quality output.

There are a lot of resources around the internet where in we can find those addons, but sometimes after adding them to the photoshop will just bring us disappointment to what we expected, let say that you downloaded a photoshop brushes and only to find out that they are in low resolution and you can only use them in small sizes.

So, I am bringing you today a list of ultimate photoshop addons.

Photoshop Gradients


Photoshop Layer Style


Photoshop Patterns


Photoshop Brushes


Photoshop Actions

Mars Cureg

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  • anon

    25,000 gradients? Really? Because we can’t quickly throw together our own gradient(s)? Because it would be quicker to select one from 25,000 (!) options? And people really *pay* for this? Face palm.