Things That Drive Graphic Designers Mad

This infographic explains that many graphic designers are bound to work even when they aren’t paid anything and the only thing that urges them to do so is that this will make their portfolio stronger. Therefore, it is better if you pay graphic designers reasonably. The infographic also sheds some light on how people keep on comparing one graphic designer with the other when there is no need to do it at all. The reason is that some graphic designers are highly professional and have formal education as well as experience, and there is no need to compare them with the non-professional graphic designers.

Unfortunately, many people keep on haggling with the graphic designers about the money, even when there is no need to do so. People must understand that graphic designing is a very creative task, and therefore people should pay reasonable money for this work. In a similar manner, you cannot keep on giving the designers flattened files which are very difficult to handle. also, if you give PDFs or JPG files to graphic designers, stop doing it because these files are non-editable and if you want your work done immediately, give them files that can be edited.

It is also inappropriate to keep on sending low-resolution images in the MS Microsoft Word, and then insisting that these files should be rescaled. You must understand that it is almost impossible to rescale these files without losing a significant part of these images. Getting feedback is not a bad thing, but you mu7st also keep in mind that the person from whom you are getting some feedback knows something about the concerned thing. You cannot simply ask for feedback on graphic designing from your friends or relatives when they don’t know anything about it. There are different ways for graphic designers to earn money, for instance, they can design T-shirts and can sell them on SunFrog.

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