Three Awesome Web Apps for Effective Web Design

Web users are unlike any other consumer. With a need for constant entertainment and endless movement, web users are one of the trickiest consumers to please and easiest to offend. A website must initially attract a user with interesting and clear design, keep them interested with insightful and informative content, and bring them back for more with alluring and educated marketing. As we have all experienced, a website that is lacking in one of these areas design, content, or marketing is truly difficult to commit any length of time to. Even if a site provides us with wonderful and truly inspiring information, if the web design is bad, we’re just not going to stick around. The internet is very much both a visual and mental experience. Try these five web design web applications to help you create a website that appeases the visual needs of your potential consumers.


1. SketchyApp

This web application provides an intuitive workspace for sketching and interface design directly from your iPhone or iPad. This app seeks to make website interface development a simpler and more enjoyable task. Helping designers and programmers organize and develop their ideas, the SketchyApp offers over 50 different stencils, various font sizes and styles, several color options, free icons, and the ability to link between your various mockups. While SketchyApp does not provide every element of design you could ask for, it does supply several useful tools every designer can appreciate.


2. What The Font

This playful app is an extremely useful tool for any web designer out there hoping to create something unique and beautiful. What The Font can help identify a font in a photo or web graphic. So, when browsing the web, if you see a font that you are particularly attracted to use What The Font to identify it for your own design. You can snap a photo of the font you like right from within the application. Sometimes it is the smallest of things that can make all the difference for truly unique and grasping web design. Use What The Font to help you create the perfect combination of fonts and text styles for your site.


3. Color Expert

This application seeks to provide an imaginative and inspiring environment for creating color schemes and design palettes. So much of strong web design relies on an attractive and appealing color palette for your site. Your color choices as a designer are one of the first things that are noticed by users. Color Expert offers several different useful tools such as a swatch book, camera, image picker, and color wheel. Let Color Expert help you develop a color design that is beautiful and unique in half the amount of time it would take otherwise.

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