Tips For Appropriate Web Design

Web design now a days can be done in a lot of ways, but it would be better if there is still a pattern or guide in delivering a client approved web design.

1. Some web designers believe that having a good music player is a suitable way to add atmosphere and promote an artist, although it is not recommended, particularly for business websites. When a visitor clicks on a link and they immediately hear music, they may not be in the most appropriate area to hear it. Perhaps they are on a train or in a classroom where sound is unwelcome and distracting. Whatever their circumstances, they could immediately become frustrated or embarrassed and leave the website as quickly as they can. This can lose a website a lot of potential visitors and future customers where applicable.

2. On top of avoiding the use of music, a web designer that wants to aim for something appropriate should have color schemes that complement each other. Even if a certain color or shade is among the designer’s favorites, if it does not work with the layout it should not be used. For example, placing red text on a yellow background makes anything impossible to read. Purple and orange and black and blue are also color schemes that should not be exercised with background and text. If a person does not like how everything looks, even if written content is professional it will be passed up.

3. Colors play a part of pleasant web design, but this is not enough in the long run. No matter how attractive a site is, it does little good if the visitor does not know what to do. Some web designers enjoy making their layouts into art. They turn links and images into something for the visitor to figure out or simply marvel at; however, if the person who comes to the site does not know how to find or click on what they want, they will move on quickly.

4. Web sites should be updated on a regular, consistent basis. People like to visit sites that show they are committed to what they are doing and take things seriously. If the site appears as though it has not been updated in a few years, even though it is still active, people will think it is dead. They will go elsewhere for their information or services. This is not to say that updates should be done several times a day. However, updating at least once a week or a few times a month can show that the web designer is serious and willing to put in the work to make the site successful.

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Mars Cureg

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  • Efficiency’ is also a major factor in choosing a good design. The design should be functional. If not, then more than likely the site will suffer.

  • nice article on design.Thanks a lot for sharing such tips with us. It will definitly help us for our work.

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  • Florian Wenzel

    Nice Article! Hearing Music in the design-process can be very inspirative, but on a website it should be avoided, if there is no really strong reason for it.

  • Phil@Graine de Goji

    On en veut davantage traité de cette manière. Merci.

    Vraiment cool tout ça !

  • Laurent

    Merci beaucoup pour cet article.


  • Veronica Cervera

    Cool tips. I sure don’t want to unexpectedly hear music while opening a website, that just doesn’t work well for me. For some people it might, but we have to really weigh the pros and cons, we have to make sure that more people would appreciate it rather than irritated by it before making significant changes to our website.

    There is a lot of things to consider, maybe make a post on your blog/website to ask your readers what kind of changes they want or don’t want to get a heads up on their reactions.