Tips for Optimizing your Headlines for Google and Human

Search engines like Google rank some pages higher than others that may even talk about the same issue. The way an issue is out and propagated may be of immense importance, but one thing is sure: high ranked pages follow well developed and planned search engine optimization techniques. One way of optimizing your page from search engine point of view is making “good” headlines for the page and also fir the article that follows.

The following points give you an understanding regarding how to go about headlines for page in order to get maximum ranking by Google and maximum attention by human readers. Of course, the process is cyclic; the more human attention you get, the higher Google ranks you. Be reminded, however, that Google has to find you first so that people can read about what you have to share.

  • Save your wit when it comes to Google headlines

There is a key difference between an attractive headline and an attractive article title. The title for your article is for people to reads and be tempted to stay on your page and read the whole article. The headline, on the other hand, is for Google. Wit does not have a part to play because Google is not human and is not going to laugh out loud at your joke. What matters here is a well SEO optimized headline. The headline has to be perfect, in terms of search engine optimization. Having a popular keyword may be just the thing to make it an excellent heading.

  • Different headlines for page and articles

You should not have the same headline as your page header and your article title. This does not work well as your article title can be mysterious and attractive and it will still be unclear and ague to Google. This will get your page a low SEO ranking and your article will go unnoticed. Have different headers for both, with your page headline to say exactly, quite literally, what the article is about. You can add in a question or humor in article title which is to be read and enjoyed by human readers.

  • Add in a meta description

Along with the headline for Google, you can add a description for Google to know exactly what you are referring to. The meta description is about one line and briefly describes the topic or the subject your article is going to talk about. This gives Google to track your website down as you can add in more descriptive keywords than you can stuff in your Google headline alone.

You have to maintain both Google desirability and human attention. An easy way of doing it is having different strategies for what you have to show Google to drive more clicks and what you offer your human readers to keep o\them on your page. Understand the difference between a machine and human mind; that is most of what there is to optimizing headlines for Google and human.

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