Top 10 PPC Tips For Beginners

Pay per click (PPC) management for small business can present a unique set of challenges, especially if you’re new to the world of paid advertising. In recent years, PPC has become much more of a complex program complete with useful features to maximize business goals and objectives.

Wpromote’s SCORE Method ties together strategy, testing and research, and continuous optimization.  The method is broken down into the following basic steps that will assist you in creating and managing a sustainable PPC campaign.

1. Use Broad Match Keywords with Caution

Broad match keywords can make PPC campaigns more challenging and decrease the percentage of highly relevant site traffic that is directed from any given PPC ad.


2. Regularly Run Search Query Reports to Research Quality Keywords

It is important to continually add new keywords to your account by using search query reports (i.e. keyword detail reports).

3. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can lessen irrelevant searches and wasted resources.  They remain one of the most important aspects of PPC advertisements and paid search.

4. Maximize Conversion Rates with Multiple Ad Groups

Ad splitting can also help test the efficacy of different landing pages to drive conversion rates, and creating different ad groups can direct users to the most relevant landing page.  Multiple ad groups can also help optimize general business practices and drive sales by providing meaningful big data regarding user interests and user behavior.

5. Ads should have a call to action, a value proposition, and high keyword relevancy

Ad copy should be relevant to the search query, state a differentiator, and tell the user what direction to take afer landing on the website.

6. Conversion Tracking is Necessary

It is important to have as much big data as possible.  Conversion tracking will tell you if any sales are made from a PPC campaign or not.  You might need to reassess your PPC and keyword strategy if conversion rates are minimal or non-existent.

7. Keep Search and Display Campaigns Separate

Optimize allocation of resources by having a flexible budget.  Invest more in the PPC strategy that is more effective at driving sales.

8. Design PPC around your Daily Budget

There are a number of ways to make smaller budgets work such as bidding almost exclusively on phrase and exact match keywords.  Larger budgets offer more flexibility when bidding on broader keywords.

9. Optimize Allocation of Resources with the Right Strategy

Allocate budgetary resources based on what PPC strategies generate the most conversion rates.  It is important to design flexible marketing budgets to maximize return on investment.

10. PPC Strategies should be Consistent with Campaign Goals

All settings should be congruent with the long-term goals of your company or client.  You need to know if you want to focus on building a brand, driving conversion rates, or gathering user data.  All PPC campaigns should begin with a clear vision and direction.

Measuring PPC Success Tomorrow and in the Future

As mentioned, an optimal PPC campaign is integrated with other online marketing efforts.  PPC strategies can help design a better business, study user behavior, increase visibility, and drive conversion rates. Small businesses and larger enterprises alike need to maximize returns by successfully crafting and implementing a marketing strategy.  In the end, the ultimate measure of PPC success comes down to return on investment.

About the author:

Sarah Trell is a recent college graduate and contributor for The Pro Intern where she reports on digital marketing, eCommerce, and media.


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  • mike

    Here’s a tip, especially for local businesses – it’s called day parting. As in, you schedule your ads only to appear during business hours of the day. If you follow customer trends in clicks and conversions by the hour of the day, you’ll notice the peak hours. You can bully out your competitors on bids by focusing on certain times of the day. Make sure you are constantly optimizing based on these trends. You don’t want to miss your customers, but if you’re on a tighter budget, just wait for ‘the right moment’ of the day and bust out the cannons to hit your prospects when they want you most. I have it all managed for me, so no sweat. Simon can set you up to get managed if you’re interested, just call him at 302-401-4478.