Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2018

Web design is a la’ mode these days. As of 2017, there are many different trends discussed in that year and many of them have proved the best and some are waste.

It is the good time to reflect on the attainment of the year 2017 and begin thinking about designing something new or providing some outstanding tips that could add value to 2018 trends in web design.

If you look at latest website design, redesign, and even just the tweaks of design, a few distinct web design trends make you understand that it starts to emerge as a front-runner heading in the year of 2018.

Here, in this post, I am about to discuss some of the website design trends that would likely become efficient and popular.

I also discussed those trends in web design that one can utilize for print design at the same time.

Here we go …..

Asymmetrical Grids :

This is one of the most important things you need to know before you dive deep into the world of website design. Designers are splitting their visual elements on the screen with a higher asymmetrical grid pattern. Therefore, this concept works better than other concepts. There would be a distinct balance of the elements so that one side of your web design is not overpowering.

Lucid & Bright Color :

It is important because this thing cannot be avoided and the focal point of all parts of a design. Color is wonderful, and it is everything for all types of art and crafts, so there is no exception of web design. If you use lucid as well as bright color, your project would be wonderful.

The Bottom Sticky Elements :

When you talk about web design, you should consider the bottom sticky elements at the very first time. When you talk about a bottom sticky element, you should not forget this less obtrusive space, which is one of the prime viewing areas as well as mobile usage that has trained the users of these types of the placements.

Voice & Natural Language Search :

As a veteran web designer, you should know the use and benefits of the use of voice and natural language search in web design. The future of website design is not cent percent visual, due to the reasons, these days, voice and language search has come into effect. From the hardcore designing interfaces to voice commands to associating the search terms that mimic the natural language, which is integrating the world of the voice as well as language would be the imperative for the sake or web design projects.

Fluid Shapes :

One of the most important things in all types of web design things. Smoother as well as proper lines are some of the natural progression of the polygonal trend. In the time design shack, the featured with the poly shapes with the trend earlier this year, with the description read and the best parts of the versatile trend, which is a bit different in terms of web design.

Subtle Animation & SVG Pictures :

A great thing or design trick that you should use in your website design project. You must have used pictures in your web design project and will surely further, but have you ever used SVG pictures? If you did not, then this is the right time to use it.

Split Screen Desktop and Stacking Mobile :

Split screen desktop as well as stacking mobile are one of the most important things that these days almost all the web designers and developers use. Like the animations, which can affect your website, so you should know where to and how to use it with more scrolling feature. You should use small and delightful animation and picture to make your users happy. However, you can use subtle animation, but they not always loaded with the features that hide lagging time, it is movement within the design, better to say the web design itself.

White Space sans Minimalism:

Manage the space properly that can minimize your website potency. You should use white space. Yes, using white space is essential, but that should be careful. Almost all designers like white space, but as an experienced designer, you should know that plenty of them love minimalism and even whether clients do not like it so much.

You might have a question in mind. Do these trends inspire you to try something new, something unique and something reliable that could help you beat the trends last year?  You need to make it sure to utilize these trends properly to get the benefits with care. Often the best ideas can grow dated very, very quickly. If you are proficient enough to use them, you would be the gainer and if not, you would be the loser. This is the reason playing with design trends is all about.

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs.Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts on web designing services, Apps development services,  content Marketing,social media marketing etc..



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