Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes for Business

WordPress has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially for businesses. You can make a professional, beautiful looking page for any of your customers to use, full functional, and you can even use it as a blog, to upload samples, texts and anything else that you should wish to upload. One of the more popular features of WordPress is that like Tumblr, you can buy premium themes. But if you are going to spend money on a theme, then you want to know if it is worth it. Below, you will find the top 5 current premium themes for business.

Coupon Press from Premium Press

One of the most popular themes on WordPress, Coupon Press is designed mostly for遥ou guessed it幼oupon users. If you are in a business that directly deal with coupons, then there is no better way for you to start off than with a theme that is perfectly, directly tailored to your business needs, with Lego like building properties that allow you to arrange and then rearrange, if you want, and click things right into place.

Sensational from My Theme Shop

Considered to be one of the most beautifully designed themes currently available on WordPress, Sensational is wonderful. It is perfect for any business that deals in flowers, or other such things, as it has a very subtle and soft design that really presents very well.

Splash from Splash

If you are in business doing anything even remotely related to gadgets, then Splash is the perfect theme for you. Set up for any tech guru who wants to share reviews, or their very own products, Splash is designed to showcase your pictures and add your texts to them in a way that is both elegant and totally modern. For product descriptions, and other things your business may need to create, you will be hard pressed to find a better theme for WordPress.

The Professional from Elegant Themes

Well, the name says it all, really; the Professional is a theme that was made by business bloggers for business bloggers. It is clean, crisp and straight to the point. On WordPress, it ranks as one of the highest bought premium themes for businesses. Looking at the simplicity, and yet the great appeal of this theme, it is not very hard to see why that is, is this is a theme that is, as the name suggests, professional.

Nimble WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes

Another great theme by Elegant Themes, Nimble is designed to meet the needs of any business using WordPress. It allows you to present products, pictures, texts and widgets in a linear, and yet creative, fashion. This will definitely impress potential customers, as it is a wholly unique outlook. What is great about this theme also is that it can be set up to be very, very simple, with almost nothing at all added to a page, if that is what you choose.

Renee Klein is a designer and WordPress geek who loves to read, shop, play tennis. She runs a website called WP Discount which offers Couponpress Coupon for your next purchase of Couponpress Template.

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