Top 5 Reasons to Build Infographics in HTML 5

Infographics are an excellent way of conveying information through visual representation. The concept behind inforgraphics is to deliver a large amount of information by visually documenting it in a flowing and easy to read format. Infographics have gained a huge amount of popularity in the last five years and are continuously being utilised by companies to develop their brands. The quality of the inforgraphics present today vary largely with the information they provide, but the majority of infographics being produced today use flat images which allows users to embed them into various different sites.

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The amount of the infographics being produced is overwhelming, and the market for it is increasingly becoming saturated. To differentiate your infographics from the crowd, HTML 5 should be integrated into them to create a unique experience for your readers. This article will discuss the main benefit of using HTML 5 in infographics and why you should consider switching to purely HTML 5 based infographics.

Enhance Static Illustrations

Standard infographics are created with static images, and while they are useful for embedding into different websites, there are certain limitations that ultimately restrict the possibilities offered by infographics. By using HTML 5 in your infographics, you can create stunning interactive images that engage your readers and allow you present real time data that accepts input from the reader.

Grab your viewer’s attention

By displaying interactive images, you can capture the attention of your viewers and keep them engaged by utilising the capabilities of HTML 5 and experimental CSS3. The visually rich user experience provided by HTML 5 infographics engages the reader and entices them to check out your brand. Further, a static image is less likely to draw the attention of readers as the internet is saturated with static image infographics so the interactive nature of HTML 5 certainly does give you an edge.

Utilise interactive features

The interactive nature of HTML 5 infographics can be used to draw interest to the infographic by displaying live data and prompting users to input values to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for the reader. Also, by utilising interactive elements of HTML 5 into infographics, you can differentiate it from all the other static image based infographics and create a unique experience for your readers.

Allow readers to quickly absorb information

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The idea behind infographics is to visually display information and to allow the reader to quickly absorb a large amount of information. HTML 5 infographics allow readers to easily view real time data and interact with the information displayed. This allows information to be easily absorbed by the user as they can access specific information they are after and simply ignore the data not required.

Increase the possibilities offered by infographics

HTML 5 infographics allow you to increase brand awareness and create interest in the products or services you provide. The rich user experience provided by HTML 5 allows a large amount of information to be displayed in an easy to read format so the reader can quickly absorb information. Further, HTML 5 infographics allow you to be more creative with the way you present the information and thus enables you to create unique and inspiring infographics.

As you can see, the capabilities of HTML 5 in infographics allow you to create visually rich infographics that contain a large amount of knowledge without overwhelming the reader. The benefits of integrating HTML 5 into infographics extend beyond just allowing you to create an interactive experience for your readers, as it enables you to develop a unique brand that users will come to recognise.  This is what we at StarmenUSA do professionally.

Guest article by Andras Deak, consultant of StarmenUSA , a Los Angeles web design company.


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  • Andy Miller

    Great article! I’m a big fan of HTML5

    Is it possible to embed HTML5 infographics in other websites, i.e. if I wanted to physically have appear on my domain, is that possible without sending the whole file to me?