Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2013

2013 is a new year, and with a new year comes new trends in the world of webdesign. Although trends change fast, a few trends that have emerged in 2013 are here to stay, which means that webdesigners should be looking out for them and incorporating them into their own work.

  1. Single Tone Colors 

    Minimalism is something that almost no designer can go wrong with when it comes to webdesign- it’s easier on the eyes, better for the clients to understand, and often considered easier to plan out; it also makes the focus of the page the text, drawing users in. Using single tone colors, especially navy blue and red  is a fast emerging trend this year, with examples such as Mashable, who redesigned their website this year to follow the trend. This trend seems like it’s here to stay, and webdesigners should watch out for a lot of websites shifting to this design.

  2. Web Typography

    Although web fonts used to simply digitized for the screen and meant for print, 2013 has proved that they have become very trendy in the pixelated world. With websites like Hoefler & Frere-Jones, that has created in-browser webfonts of all kinds for every screen out there. This trend provides all sorts of opportunities for making fonts look as good as the details they’re giving to the users. 2013 seems to be the year for more fonts, and bigger font sizes.

  3. Responsive layouts

    With the ever growing array of devices the public uses, webdesigners have their work cut out for them when designing a website. Making websites that cater to all devices is hard, but web designers have found the solution- responsive layouts. With these, the website’s html is written in such a way that the website moves and flows with the device it’s on. Rather than having to scroll to the sides when a webpage has boxes or text horizontally, the text and boxes move themselves to be accommodated into the page, making it easier for all users to see what they need to see on almost any device. This trend will change things far beyond just this year, and more and more websites are trying it out.

  4. Flat designs and bold colors
    This year has brought on Windows 8, which although may have failed, has brought on a designing revolution. Although it may not have worked out, its clean look on a single page and bold colors has inspired many designers to created webpages that look the same way. Although the functions may not be copied, designers are using Windows 8 as inspiration for designing websites that have bold colors (fuschia, orange and blue are the most popular) and flat layouts with boxes for different pages and apps. Not only does it look great, it’s easier to view on smaller devices.
  5. Centered logos and fixed header bars 

    Although through the years, logos on the right, and header bars that move with the page have been popular, 2013 has sparked a new revolution.Centered logos have made their way into the interwebs, along with fixed. This contributes to the very popular designs this year such as minimalism and more space on the screen to focus on the text. Besides its aesthetic value, it also puts the brand or website’s name front and center, which is how websites can gain popularity, and keep customers interested.

The trends of 2013 may have differed from the years before, but they have brought on a completely new way of designing websites. Clean, simplistic designs with bold colors seems to be the way to go this year, and webdesigners can incorporate growing trends, and of course, create their own to make the perfect website.

About The author: Marry Warner is a passionate blogger who is inlove with digital marketing and its various aspects currently representing Zillion designs – a crowdsourcing design company

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