Top 5 WordPress Content Sliders for Your Website

WordPress content slider plugins are designed to help websites look sharp. These perfectly coded atypical plugins will make your work much easier, and ensure that you do not waste time ordering your content.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at web design, WordPress makes your life much easier by offering tons of amazing slider plugins that you can use for an easy and convenient way to display different content types.
Of course, you will initially be overwhelmed by the numerous choices the internet has to offer. To ensure that this does not happen, we have put together a list of the top 5 content sliders for your WordPress site.

Read on to find out the kinds of features each plugin offers and how they work to enable your ability to add beautiful sliders onto your WP websites:

Top 5 WordPress content slider plugins:

1. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

The Ultimate Responsive Image Slider ranks among the top WordPress content slider plugins on our list. The slider comes with various settings and amazing features. This include:-

Features :

– It is a free plugin
– It is fully responsive
– It allows you the ability to upload multiple images
– You can add an unlimited number of image slides into a single slider
– Users can show multiple sliders in a single post/page
– It has a dashboard for the image slider settings
– You can enable and disable the  title, slide description, navigation bullets, and slide thumbnails
– Users can customize the thumbnail position, as well as its width and height
– It comes with an auto height options
– It has description and label color settings
– It features added font styles
– It is multilingual translation ready
– You can drag and drop the image position

2. SlideDeck

SlideDeck is a premium WordPress content slider plugin that will both simplify the process of adding new sliders to your WP website and create amazing sliders for you.

So, what else can this plugin deliver?

– It is fully responsive
– You can create animated sliders with LayerPro lens
– Add a CTA button to your slider
– Create instant sliders with 11 ready-to-use templates
– Pull content from 17 different content sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
– 15 beautifully handcrafted lenses
– Fully customisable
– Front and back covers to give sliders a professional look
– Scheduler add-on to schedule your slides
– Custom HTML slider option
– CSS editor
– Lazy loading, to avoid any impact on page loading speed
– You can mix and mash content from different content sources into one epic slider
– Different navigation and font styles (standard and Google fonts) for sliders
– Drag and drop functionality

Essentially, it is so powerful because of the many options it offers. You will have an easy time using it to create professional .

Slide Deck also updates constantly and the company that created it provides great support.

2. Slider

The slider is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add custom sliders to your WordPress websites. This WordPress content slider plugin will allow you to have an unlimited number of images.

You will also be able to choose the options for your slider using this plugin like loading icons, slider positioning,  time, etc.
So, what features does Slider provide? Consider the following:
– You can use it to add an unlimited number of images to your slider
– You can add image titles and descriptions
– You can add URLs to tailor certain pages to your slider
– You can use different sliders on different pages
– It comes with auto generated shortcode to make it easier for you to add sliders to templates/pages/posts
– Your titles and descriptions can include hyperlinks
– You can add your slider in widgets
– It is possible to use an unlimited number of sliders on a single page
– It comes with a smart target feature that will ensure that the inner links can open up in a single page
– It provides HTML support for descriptions and titles
– Comes with drag and drop functionality

4. Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite is audited by the lead developer at WordPress (Mark Jaquith). Its features are among the easiest to use. It also comes with the highest performance-optimized code among most WordPress content slider plugins.

– You can use a custom post type to create sliders to infinity
– It allows drag and drop image uploading, saving, and sorting for every slider you build
– It is 100% SEO-optimized and comes with the ability to specify title and alt tags for images within the sliders
– It is completely responsive and has touch-enabled swiping
– There are template and shortcode tags available, meaning you should be able to insert the slider you created into any place within your theme
– It provides for metadata editing for every image you have – including full HTML captions, alt tags, and image titles
– It comes with smart JS/CSS loading, meaning that your assets will only load on those pages where you have a slider created by Soliloquy
– This WordPress content slider plugin has a media uploader button that you can use to easily insert sliders into your pages/posts from the WYSIWYG editor

5. Easing Slider

Easing Slider is incredibly easy to use and was built to be both straightforward and lightweight. As such, you should be able to create beautiful WP sliders easily.
This plugin has also been tested thoroughly on multiple Android, iPad, and iPhone devices and found to be perfect for mobile sliders.
– It is fully responsive and mobile-ready
– It allows for the uploading of bulk images and easily integrates with the WordPress Media Library
– Easing Slider comes with CSS3 transitions that will provide you with ultra-smooth transitions
– It has navigation arrows and paginEasing Slider action
– It comes with preloading functionality, right on page load
– This plugin has a visual editor that you can use to customize basic styling
– It is developer-friendly and has built-in JavaScript events
– It provides dozens of extensions that you can use to enhance the functionality of the plugin
– It has tons of actions and filters (for custom functionality)


So, there you have it – the top 5 content sliders for your WordPress site. Each of the above WordPress content slider plugins is unique in its way.
However, one thing is similar between all of them – they will go a long way in making it easier for you to add customizable sliders to your content.

Try out a couple of the above and see how that works out for your new WP website.

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