Top iOS Apps for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are increasingly taking advantage of tablets to create content, with their ever-higher levels of sophistication enabling more professional results. Of course, the portability and ease of use are also plus points when it comes to these devices.

Apple iPad models tend to be popular among these experts because of their impressive specifications. Viking sells older variants, such as the iPad 2, among newer models, such as the iPad Air, in its tablet computers range. You can use the Compare feature to find the right one for you.

You will find plenty of tools that can assist graphic design in the App Store, significantly widening the capabilities of your device. Here, we present three of the most useful iOS apps for graphic designers:


PicLab HD

PicLab HD is a versatile design tool that allows you to make numerous image edits: there’s the option to add typography from the beautifully designed font collection, insert imagery from the graphics catalogue, apply filters to create artistic effects, and much more.

The intuitive user interface means you can install this app and start creating fantastic content in a matter of moments. The functionality extends into the professional realm, with the likes of layer-based editing and more allowing you to complete more complex works.


Repix is a photo editing tool that offers fantastic user control when it comes to filtering. Interesting artistic effects can be applied exactly as you visualise – without the usual fuss. There are 28 brush types that take effect with the simple swipe of a finger.


Over is the must-have app when it comes to experimenting with fonts, offering an exclusive, stylish typography library and incredible editing capabilities. You can also install your own fonts and work with them through the platform.

Adobe Ideas

With Adobe Ideas, you can draw freeform vector illustrations with the touch of a finger. A flick of the hand allows you to pan the canvas and close in or out, and pressure sensitivity gives you ultimate control. This perceptivity makes producing content enjoyable and simple.

Plus, with the software easily synchronising with desktop applications such as Adobe Illustrator CS6 using Creative Cloud, and other apps such as Adobe Photoshop Touch, it’s a great option when you want to work on existing projects while on the move.


Another vector illustration app packed with features, Inkpad is well worth downloading. The software supports limitless layers, is compatible with multiple file types, and handles complex creations without lag – its incredible performance gives you exceptional creative freedom.


Through ColorSchemer, you can access over one million colour palettes submitted by other users, or develop your own using the colour wheel. You can then access the RGB and hex values for every shade to recreate the schemes on other platforms.

You can even grab colours from images in your gallery, so you can take inspiration from almost anywhere or create sets of complementary images. Palettes you create or favourite are synced with your COLOURlovers account so you can access them through other devices.

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