Top Ten Design Tips for Successful Online Business

The internet is considered as the most efficient way to advertise your products and services worldwide. Nevertheless, have you noticed that there are businesses that use inappropriate designs for their websites? Aside from giving viewers and potential buyers a wrong impression of their business, these businesses seem to entertain rather than inform customers of the services they offer. The bottom line is to make a business and customer oriented website for the benefit of the customers and business owner.

Hence, here are 10 highly-important web design tips that an entrepreneur or business proprietor should keep in mind before introducing his/her business to customers:

1. Get to Know Your Clients

Always remember that your business should focus on what your customer wants and needs and how you can introduce them to your products and services effectively. Having a well-designed website will help you boost traffic to your business website.

2. Make Your Website User-friendly

Hire a professional web designer to create a user-friendly website. This way, your viewers and clients can easily navigate their way to your “About Us” page, “Products & Services”, “Contact Us” as well as “Portfolio” if you have a professional looking website. Furthermore, categorizing your products is highly-recommended.

3. Use Graphics and Images to Convey Your Message

Using the right color combinations, images, animations and graphics will create a lasting impression of your website. Posting photos of your store, products, services, staff and related images will help you let your customers know that you are a legit business. However, it is very important to choose the right colors for your website.

4. Provide Relevant and Quality Content

Writing fresh, unique and quality content will help you get more customers and it will help boost your page rank. This way, search engines can easily reach your website if you have a good content. Thus, it is very important to update your website regularly and to check for errors before publishing.

5. Avoid Loading Time

Although you can use animations and scripts it is not advisable because it would make page loading slower. Letting your customers wait for hours as your website loads is a big No-no. Thus, avoid heavy scripts and multiple flash animations to minimize page loading time.

6. Minimize Flash Animations

Using animations is very popular nowadays however it can make your website load slower. Undoubtedly, your website will look more entertaining however it will take time to load too. Thus, use flash animations appropriately.

7. Apply SEO Strategies Properly

You may be managing a small-scale business yet SEO is highly-essential to increase your traffic, customers and boost your sales online. SEO uses effective techniques that can guarantee positive and rewarding results.

8. Make It Simple, Don’t Exaggerate

Manage your website well and use simple yet effective tools to highly-monetize your website. You can adopt tools and tips from successful entrepreneurs. However, never forget to make your own trademark.

9. Motivate Your Customers to Buy Your Products

Create ways to tempt your customers to purchase your product like giving discounts and freebies. Provide tempting offers by using photos, catchy text and banners.

10. Highlight Your Portfolio Online

An impressive portfolio will help you gain more customers by letting them know what you have. You can feature customer’s reviews, feedbacks and ratings. That way, undecided customers will be encouraged to try out your products and services.

However, suppose you don’t have enough designing skills you can simply consider using online website builders. That way, you can guarantee that you will get an effective website even if you are not an expert in website and design.

Guest Post by Shah: Online website builders like IM Creator have made it possible to build quality websites without having any knowledge of programming techniques. Today creating a free site is not a dream for those who don’t have enough designing skills to create websites professionally or enough funds to hire professional web designers.


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