Top Tools of 2010 For Customer Engagement

A positive customer experience is essential to the success of any business website. Finding ways to let customers give feedback makes it possible to keep the experience positive. People like giving their opinions and they like knowing that their opinions are conducive to change. Technology makes it quick and easy to find out what your customers think about your website and your business.

Online Polling Software

Polling Station Polls are one of the easiest ways to get customer feedback. A poll usually consists of one or two simple questions and the results include the percentage of customers that selected each possible answer.

  • Twtpoll This free polling software makes polling on social media sites easy. You can add polls to your Facebook page and your Twitter profile, making it easy for customers to give a quick opinion of your question.
  • Pollyourfollowers This polling software gives you the power to poll your Twitter followers. You can create your poll in just a few seconds and customers that follow your business profile can give instant answers.
  • Pollpigeon Another free software that places polls on your Facebook and Twitter pages. The results are tracked by Pollpigeon, making it easy to see at a glance what your customers say.

Online Survey Software

The Most Curious Customer Feedback Survey I Have Ever Seen Surveys are another great source for customer feedback. You can ask specific questions about your website or use general surveys created by the software. Keeping the surveys short encourages your customers to provide honest feedback.

  • Polldaddy This all-inclusive software lets you create surveys, polls, rating options, and even quizzes for your customers. With three pricing plans, including a free option, this software is a good choice for any budget.
  • KISSinsights  This online survey software stands out from the rest because of its unique style. Simple questions slide up from the bottom of the screen, giving customers a chance to answer right away. Pricing plans include a free option.
  • Formsite With five pricing plans, including a free option, this software allows users to build custom surveys. An easy-to-use interface lets users “drag and drop” their questions for creating surveys quickly and easily.

Online Feedback Software

Skeleton Keys IMG_0774 Giving customers the option of leaving feedback in their own words is great way to get honest, insightful opinions. Instead of answering predetermined questions, customers can voice their thoughts about the things that mean something to them.

  • Uservoice This feedback software has a convenient widget that connects customers with a simple feedback box for suggestions. Uservoice has five pricing plans, including a free option.
  • Fivesecondtest This free software lets users create usability tests for websites. Testers have five seconds to view an image and leave feedback.
  • Freedback Feedback software designed to keep things simple. Users can create a feedback form in less than ten minutes and then paste it to their website.

Providing ways for your customers to share their thoughts lets them know you value their opinions, keeping you connected on a personal level. It also makes it easier to pinpoint specific issues and correct them accordingly.

This is a guest post by Annie Wallace, blogger, mompreneur and home business owner.



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  • just in time. i was thinking lately of running a survey on my blog to see how my readers are benefiting from my posts and how i can be of more help to them. i was looking for a good survey service. ill check out the ones youve suggested an see which way to go. thanks for the post =)

    • let me know if you have already the survey running… by doing that you can have a real feedback from your reader

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