Travel around the world with this set of icons and vectors by Freepik and Flaticon

Are you already planning your holidays, or are you packing your suitcase and ready to leave on a summer trip? Whichever the case, let yourself be inspired one more time by this set of icons and vectors by Freepik and Flaticon with a holiday and travel theme!

Suitcases, planes, maps, ice cream cones and anything that you need to get to your destination, is available in the shape of icons, vectors and patterns with a holiday and travel theme beautifully designed for the occasion.

Are you designing a notebook cover to use as a journal during your summer trips? Or do you want to customize a shirt using one of these colorful designs so that you can take it with you around the world?

With flat color designs colors and a bright palette, these designs will cheer you up whenever you look at them! Summer colors just seem to scream fun and relax at the same time, which makes for the perfect combination.

These vectors and icons come in high quality and ready to use in any graphic design project. You can also change colors and change the size so you can use these resources from a tiny button to a full size print in a canvas bag – that’s the magic of vectors!

You can find these and much more on Freepik and Flaticon.

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