Shutterstock’s Annual Creative Trends Report Will Keep Your Visuals Fresh

When you think about trends, you often grow nostalgic for ones gone by that might or might not resurface. You have certain feelings and memories attached to them. But trends can also be on the cutting edge, and indicators of something larger going on. These kinds of trends are set by tastemakers, and they rally the people around them, hoping to emulate cultural phenomena and common modern practices.

Shutterstock has put out its annual Creative Trends report in hopes of highlighting for designers and non-designers what to expect from 2017 when it comes to visuals. They all stem from billions of searches that have taken place on their site full of images, video, and music. This year’s trends show a distinct contrast between the real world and what’s happening online, between nature and tech, and between the past and the future. Those connections and need to distance ourselves are ideas we can all relate to.

The four biggest trends for the year are White Texture, Halftone, Heads Up Display, and, of course, Emojis. You can learn more about them, and more, below, within the full report from Shutterstock.

Mars Cureg

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