Turning a Hobby into Beautiful Memories One Picture at a Time

Taking pictures is a relaxing and emotionally rewarding hobby. It also is a way to make money on the side. A lot of photographers can earn extra money by taking pictures of special events such as weddings, proms, graduations, and many other occasions.

It is safe to say that investing in a high-end camera such as a Canon or Nikon could be one of the best investments ever made. Just imagine having such a powerful camera to capture all of the special moments you wish would never end. The capabilities of either of these two camera brands are nearly endless so flawless pictures are possible even for the novice.

One way to learn about shooting photos with these two cameras is to sign up for photography classes in NYC. These classes were designed to educate individuals on many levels.


Whether entirely new to photography or having taken a previous course and desiring more knowledge, there is a perfect course through JP Colors. Learning about the different functions of professional grade cameras and how to properly edit photos is important to learn.

This is especially true if you want to make money with your hobby. Generally those who get started with photography become addicted to it in a short time. These are the people seen taking pictures of everything in sight; some people might even think these picture addicts have gone mad.

Really, there is actually some level of madness to this addiction. After taking a few shots and reaping the reward of having an amazing photo, taking pictures of any and everything will become a severe habit. While some might see a dingy old building, the photographer sees a breathtaking scene.

Beauty is everywhere; it is in the old condemned buildings and that flower with morning dew on it. Beauty is in the interesting patterns of trees, it is in puffy clouds and snowflakes, and it is also found in the smile on a strangers face. Truly, no matter where a photo artists looks, he or she will find a great photo opportunity and will likely drop everything to capture it.

After taking photo classes, many people discover new ways to capture the moments. Different positions to get it, angles to shoot a photo, and how to continuously shoot a scene to ensure getting the perfect shot, are all just a few things taught by JP Color’s photography courses. Learning these things along with how to adjust settings on a Nikon or Canon camera so that every portion of a picture turns out perfect are skills a photographer can’t do without.

Along with the above skills the photo classes in NYC help the photographer to discern the perfect backgrounds for poses. The background scenery of a photo is often equally important as the subject posing. When armed with the skills and knowledge gained from taking a class on photography, capturing the shots that create perfect pictures will be easy. Just remember to have an open mind, and be sure to bring your Canon or Nikon camera as well as your love for picture taking.

Article written by Jonathon Bridger

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