Unique WordPress Sites that Floor You with their Stirring Designs

For its sure rhythms and utilities, WordPress has managed to pitch itself as the best Content Management System. While the competition only seems to grow, WordPress strides farther than its peers with a sheer dive to innovate at a speed not others can catch up with.

The claim would make greater sense if you scroll the web for websites that have been made using this CMS and realize how far it has come far from its fastest adversaries. There are websites that drip the WordPressian character from header to the footer, while some are just too creatively made to give you any hint. But both the sets of websites display enough mastery to send out a message that WordPress is well and truly the leader of blogging platforms.

Here are some not-so-usual WordPress designs on live websites. Each of these is aimed at sweeping you off your feet:


A spellbinding design is further beautified by near-absence of any text. The landing page may be a nightmare for SEO, but it is beautiful nevertheless.


For the beer lovers, there is not a better place on the web to feel beer pangs.

Every Time I Die

Staying true to its name, the website packs a powerful punch by its dark tones and go for broke design.

Trevor Hoehne

If there was a haven for the photography aficionados on the Internet, it has just been bettered by Trevor Hoehne

  • Dogs Can Bark

Dogs Can Bark

Dogs Can Bark is made to smitten you by its captivating minimalism. While there is a use of too many colors to fit into the minimalist category, the subtlety which they are dashed all over the page doesn’t give it any flamboyant vibe. The creativity is all too apparent in the designs.

Cat Rabbit

The website’s landing page looks much more than just cute. The dash of pink is accompanied with some adorable pictures that tell you fair bit about the website.

Hey Papa Legend

A grand tableau of restrained tones and vintage imagery, Hey Papa Legend takes you back to 60’s and beyond with an élan. Leapfrogging with creativity, it is a mind trip to an era that refuses to grow old. The black and white hues were never painted so beautifully – before or since.

I Shot Him

Keeping things free of any fuss and clutter, I Shot Him has a design that’s easy on eyes

  • Think Space Gallery

Think Space Gallery

Think Space Gallery comes straight to the point. It is a website around art and the events, and despite being utterly creative and beautiful, the designers manage to add the promotional bits you don’ associate with something that simply sends out information.



One couldn’t think of a better design for a website dedicated to hair products.

Camacho Cigars

It could have been made in a 10 different ways, but not better than what it is. The awesomeness of the design lies in the raw masculinity that the landing page exudes. The fact that the website is fully responsive further helps as the standard compatibility issues do not crop up whenever a user is trying to access the site on a mobile device or different OS.

Who Is Leon?

With a design that looks much like the postcards of the bygone era, Who is Leon makes its intentions absolutely clear. It is there to sell creativity

With so much to savor, these websites have altered the very process of web designing.

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