Up the Vine

Vine, created by Twitter, is a new mobile app to create short videos. From what we can see, the app is already shaping up to change the way companies do mobile marketing and could have as big of a social media impact as Instagram or Twitter itself.

The app reminds us of Instagram. Like the photo app that allows for anyone to be a photographer. Vine allows for anyone to be a filmmaker. In fact for companies using the app for marketing purposes, it can act as mini commercials. On the iTunes store, the app boasts “capture your world in a fun & simple way.” Indeed, it is fun and simple. With the app, you can edit the film the way you want asyou film.

The app allows you to stop and start filming when you choose (within the 6 second time constraint) and put together the pieces that you have filmed within the app. There have been many apps that suggest anyone can be a photographer, or editor but Vine is the first to suggest anyone can be a filmmaker. In the context of a company or brand, the app allows for mini commercials that anyone on the marketing team, or company in general could easily make. Music can also be added to the videos for full effect.


While Instagram has certain users that obtain a large following, Vine could have a different impact, allowing for aspiring film makers and musicians to share a piece of their creativity with each video upload. Here is a video from musician Adan Jodorowsky that captures what users are beginning to do with Vine, http://vine.co/v/bg9AD6IMtlP. While Jodorowsky created a 6 second short, musician Sky Ferreira gives a peak in to her music world, http://vine.co/v/bg9rnHtuJeE.

Major companies are also using Vine for promotional purposes. Here is one from The Academy Awards to advertise their posts from the green room throughout the night, http://vine.co/v/bg6jZ5dngLA. Many fashion companies got involved during the recent New York Fashion Week, posting short videos from their shows. Here is one from Armani showing off their accessories collection http://vine.co/v/bg1BjUtF1Yz.

Vine is not just for the fashion and music world to get involved in, it can be used for any company and is a great way to show off your company’s personality and creativity. Here are five ways to use Vine that can work in any company environment.

  1. Smiles Around the OfficeFilm a video of your employees smiling and waving! It’s always great to put faces to the work that gets done, and the video will probably be similar to the intro of “The Office,” which will surely make viewers happy.
  2. The Work SpaceAll offices are unique and even if yours feels like the same old thing with buzzing lights and bland grey carpets, there must be some unique aspects to it. Why not give viewers a view of the office from outside in?
  3. View From Your CityHave an employee film some interesting parts of the city around the office during a lunch break. It is always great to get perspective from a different city.
  4. Office ContestHold an in-office contest for the most creative Vine video idea, then post the winning video and tweet about the contest. You could even have your Twitter followers get involved and decide on a winner.
  5. Give the People What They WantIntegrate your social media followers in to your Vine videos by asking what they would like to see from your company. This way, you will engage your followers and get more activity on your Vine account.

Vine is currently only available for iPhone and iPad but should be opening up to other smart phones soon.

For more information visit www.viastudio.com.

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