Using a Hard Disk enclosure for Data Recovery

In this article we are going to talk about recovering data using hard drive enclosure. You might be wondering what hard drive enclosure is. I’m pretty sure you know what an external hard drive is, it’s a device that you can store data in by simply plugging in to your computer, what many people fail to realize is that external hard drive is two components made separately and put together. But in general all external hard drive have a desktop computer hard drive if put into simplified perspective with an enclosure added to it. You can separately buy hard drive enclosures which can be used to recover data, if you can extract the hard disk from your computer whether it’s a PC or a laptop.

The enclosures allow you to put your hard disk that needs to recover its data into another computer externally, which makes data recovery much easier than before. Laptop based enclosures  can also be bought for cheap prices, so if you have a laptop whose data needs to be recovered then a laptop hard disk enclosure is probably the best way to recover your data without leaving or calling someone to your home and charging a few hundred dollars to recover it. There are quite a lot of softwares for this very purpose. This recovery software is one of them.

But you shouldn’t buy a hard disk enclosure if you want to run a security scan on your hard disk, if you can still access your operating system and are able to install file recovery software then buying an enclosure becomes completely unnecessary.

Here’s how you can use your external hard disk enclosure to use recover your files:

  1. Let’s suppose that your external hard drive simply fails to respond. Because your external hard drive is a normal hard disk with an enclosure, you can simply take out the hard drive and put it inside another enclosure to check if it’s still working. Most of the time it’s the enclosure itself that is at fault. Which means that you can probably get your data simply by replacing the enclosure. So your data doesn’t go anywhere.
  1. If your computer dies, let’s say that your motherboard is fried or you just have a large hard drive from an old computer then you can simply put that hard drive into an empty hard disk enclosure and just like that it becomes your new external hard disk.
  1. If your computer hard disk cannot be accessed by your computer then try putting it in an enclosure and connecting it to another computer while running a file recovery program, chances are that the computer will probably detect the hard disk through the USB port, so you can navigate through your hard drive grab and retrieve any of the files that you want. Also you might need to change your permission settings so that you can read and write contents of your hard disk. Which will end up saving you a couple of hundred dollars in the process.

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