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In the existing modern era, the emerging mobile innovations have rolled a red carpet for an umpteen number of individuals in helping them achieve significant benefits just by browsing the web to carry out their desired online deals from anywhere at any time. In fact, Google’s mobile inclined search engine has made these powerful devices be an unavoidable part in people’s life.

As the screen sizes are mounting the demand for these advanced devices is also increasing steadily. Reportedly, a lot of competition is arising in the market to top the chart by grabbing the attention of more users. And, in this zest to draw the market, many of the expertise mobile developers are trying to come up with new ideas and innovations.


Importance of UI/UX in creating a fresh experience

Increase in technologies and focus on mobile-based search has made most app developers to fight for providing an optimum user experience in a limited display area. A good UI/UX is what that concentrate on user experience and interaction and help in differentiating successful apps from the unsuccessful ones.

To make you understand in a better way, here I am listing out few of the major UX/UI mobile design tips to draw the undivided attention of your potential users. Though you have not involved personally in the designing process, gaining fine cognizance on these concepts will support you in coming up with more good ideas and give proper feedback to those who work on it.

Tips for Designing Mobile UX

Layered Interface Design:  It’s a known fact that mobile screen will not give a panoramic kind of view as like the websites that we use on regular basis. However, these advanced designs focus mainly on the simplicity, so as to manage space adeptly with the services offered, that supposedly give rise to layered design interface.  And to do this, all the widgets must be active enough at the front end and passive at the back.

Go back to the drawing board: It’s not that only the experts use the apps, even common man uses from many purposes, thus it is imperative to focus on both the class. Always ensure to initiate the designing process from the bottom i.e. from the customer experiences and then start building upward by including right elements to enhance the digital presence. And keeping of all these different set of apps with appropriate data flow and even function execution helps in swift user retention.

Social media integration: Today, mobile phones are not just used for making calls, but also being used to browsing the information that they need on the internet. According to the latest study, it was found that 56% of the smartphone users log into the social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more on a regular basis. Thus, integration of mobile apps with this advanced social media sites has become quite important to enhance your connectivity with the users. This is also been used as an important marketing tool, as potential users need not open a particular browser for sharing the app, they can share it directly by using the existing app.

Identify your users: In general, modern mobile users tend to fall in two categories they are hunters and gatherers. Hunter focuses mainly on the specific piece of information and others on browsing something by giving less priority to a specific outcome.  In case, your users are hunters, then make sure to target mainly on features that would help them to achieve their goals in limited steps and lessen any functionality. And if they are gatherers give them the quick access to wide information, so as to make them use your app for a longer duration.

Design a flat interface: Today, delivering functionalities are given more importance than the decor of the particular website. Hence, flat designs that give a decent look are given more priority. It’s also anticipated that these do work as a key provider in optimizing the individuals experience on your website.

Use task-based design: Every mobile user tries to accomplish their tasks in time i.e. it may be for browsing the specific information, news or for cross-checking the travel timings. Thus, it is quite important to focus on each function of your app like whether it is geared towards supporting the user in identifying and in fulfilling the task. As mobile users are time-poor, you are suggested not to waste space to time. Just sense their intent and act accordingly.

From the aforesaid listed tips, we have found that the trends followed till today were focused primarily on giving the clear picture of apps. So, ensure to unravel the simplicity to grab the  near exclusive attention of the audience.

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