Want to Become an Authority in Social Media? Mimic These Leaders

Social media is more than a fad; it’s an essential marketing tool. If you’re serious about branding, you’ll need an interesting online presence, particularly on sites like Facebook and Twitter. But just because you have your traditional advertising figured out doesn’t mean that those skills will translate to social media marketing. The good news is that there are tons of inspiring examples of successful social media marketing campaigns for you to emulate. Here are seven interesting case studies from Facebook.

1. Coca-Cola


A Coke fan started a Facebook page with the quote, “Coke took my teeth. No regrets!” and soon garnered thousands of fans. Coca-Cola took control of the page but allowed the creators to manage the content, keeping the page fun, light, and non-corporate – something many companies are terrified to do.

2. Disney


Disney’s Facebook page mixes classic animation with promotions for new movies. There’s also a feature to allow users to post their Disneyland pictures, making the page a way for people to interact with other theme park fans and to engage more with the Disney brand.

3. Pringles


With the use of humorous videos, Pringles engages its Facebook fans and increases the likelihood that users will share the videos – a great way to attract new fans to the page. The videos are low-budget, so the brand has avoided a traditional advertising feel and users don’t get the sense that their favor is being courted.

4. Heineken


The beer maker has produced a simple page with compelling content, but one of the most engaging things that Heineken does to engage users is use status updates sparingly. Unlike some companies, Heineken just posts updates every two or three days, which doesn’t overwhelm its fans.

5. Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull clearly understands its demographic, and has created a page with lots of funny videos, engaging games, and information about sponsored athletes. The page’s sense of humor is light without trying too hard. For instance, there is a not-so-subtle hint about liking the page: a giant arrow pointing to the “like” button.

6. American Apparel

American Apparel

The hip clothing manufacturer has long been a savvy advertiser. With its Facebook page, American Apparel keeps it simple, giving users an easy way to get a 10% off coupon, browse pictures, and see open jobs.

7. Gap


Like American Apparel, Gap knows that many of its fans are looking for ways to save money on its brand. The company periodically posts coupons on its wall, encouraging users to keep tabs on the brand’s news.

Although many companies have established a Facebook presence, few are using the medium effectively. By studying these companies and others like them, any company can garner some insight into what attracts fans to a page. The best part is that social media marketing is one of the most tangible ways to know if what you’re doing is working. Fans don’t always translate into increased sales, but over time, if you keep your page’s content fresh and relevant, you’ll surely gain new customers. What’s one interesting status update you could post on your Facebook page today?

Kate Snow is the social media strategist and blogger for Full Coverage Auto Insurance, provising free financial advice online.


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