3 Great Web Design Ideas for Your SEO Campaign

It goes without saying that any business that does not have an online presence is fast hurtling to inexistence. With over 3.62 billion people using the internet, you don’t need any more motivation to build a professional website for your business. But it takes more than just a website to leverage the growing internet market. In fact, Google says that only 52% of indexed websites make any revenue. One major problem is using the wrong web design.

You see, most web designers don’t have search engine optimization (SEO) in mind and this is where things start going wrong. According to a survey by Search Engine Research Journal,93% of internet experiences starts with a search engine. This means your business must have high visibility on search engines.

As a business owner, you have multiple battles to fight online; global competition, local competition, adoption of new marketing trends, and of course search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking. If your web design is not SEO-friendly, you will lose all these battles.  According to HubSpot 38% of people will stop engaging with a website whose design is not attractive. A similar number also click off if the website is slow or if the layout is not helpful to the browsing experience.

Based on these findings, it is obvious that you need a high-performance web designer to get things off the ground. The idea is to provide a platform which is not only attractive to the eye but one that is also fast and easily navigable.

Below are some factors to consider when evaluating your web design in order to fully capitalize on the growing internet market:

  1. Fast Loading Speeds

Speed matters when it comes to internet marketing. A study by Soasta shows that just 1 added second of loading speed can lead to a 27% drop in sales on your website. Mobile websites that boast 1 second faster loading on the other hand enjoy up to 27% increase in conversion rates. You have to optimize site speeds by minimizing HTTP requests, enabling compression, optimizing images, reducing server response time, enabling caching, and reducing number of plug-ins among other ways.

  1. Smart and Responsive Web Design

Mobile-only internet users have already surpassed desktop users. According to a 2016 ComScore Study, 80% of internet users today own a smartphone and clearly, there is need for your website to be easily adjustable to every device. A responsive website design is the way to go if you want to boost your ranking on SERPs.  You will also enjoy more traffic and provide a better user experience.

  1. Easy navigation

One of the greatest artists, Leonardo Da Vinci, emphasized the importance of simplicity by saying it was the height of sophistication. Your site’s design should strive to make navigation very easy for visitors. This is what forms the core of website design at nycseoauthority.com. Your website should be built with the visitors in mind and through well-linked pages, navigation is made easier.

It is also important to limit the use of Flash, use clean code, clear URL, have an organized site, and use CSS image sprites. These tips will help you build a website that blends beauty and performance.

Mars Cureg

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