Web Design Issues an SEO Expert Should Always Check for You

The design of your website can either build the site or break it. A site that performs very well on search engines will always have a great design. This is a must. The unfortunate thing is that it is hard to define what a great design is. It is really hard to describe what a fantastic website is.

There are some criteria that you can employ to examine the design of your website. Let’s start off with:

  • The aesthetics– Your website must have really good aesthetics. The colors must be combined properly. The typography must be legible. Everything should appear organized on the website. This is easier said than done.
  • The speed of your website.-A design that makes the website lag is not a good one in any way. One of the factors that are considered when ranking your site on Google and Bing is the speed of the site. The site should load as a fast as is possible in order to be at the top of search pages.
  • Responsiveness of a website – This is another very interesting thing. People are all about mobile web usage nowadays. It has been shown through research that a majority of people access the internet through mobile devices. You check your mail while seated in the car on your way to work. Social media responses are best done in the morning and evening while stuck in traffic. At least this is the logic that most people employ. Check the responsiveness of your website in order to keep it at the top.


All these are tasks that you should leave to an SEO expert. They are going to get web design analysis done well for you. This is because they know what to look for. The above are by no means the only elements of web design that must be put into consideration. There is a lot and that is why you need a professional’s guidance. Do not change your web design without consulting the experts.

Mars Cureg

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