Web Design Tips: How to Optimize your Website to Load Faster

We all want the fastest speed while working on the internet. There are two factors that determine the speed of the internet and how fast you will be able to work on the internet. These two factors are:

  1. The speed of the internet connection: The speed of one’s internet connection decides how fast the user can access content on the internet. Though the speed of internet connection has vastly improved and many people have fast broadband services, there is a great variation between the speeds of broadband services throughout the world. Some areas of the world for example have lesser speed broadband services than others.
  2. The website:  As we saw that the speed of the broadband services varies, the website designers need to make websites that load fast and easily regardless of the broadband service speed of the internet. So the web designers need to optimize their websites in such a way that the web sites load fast.

The following are certain ways in which website designers can optimize their websites to load faster:

  • The website designer while designing the website has to be sure that unnecessary images and graphics that take a long time to load are not put in the website.
  • When images are absolutely necessary, optimize the size of the image by choosing the right file type for your images and adjust the quality setting to a lower quality setting that reduces the file size of the image when you save the image on the website.
  • Use images in sizes that do not need to be resized in HTML. This will help load the Web Pages faster.
  • The text should not be displayed in the form of images as the images have greater file size than text and thus making the webpage heavier. One can use the wide variety of custom fonts that are available instead.
  • Spread the images and graphics and all the heavily sized content on different pages of the website so that one page of the website does not take a long time to load.
  • Having a caching system for your website is advisable. The website while loading only creates the content once, for the content that is similar on different pages of the website. This helps in optimizing your website and loading it faster.
  • The layout of the website must be as clean and minimalistic as possible. This is preferred by most web users today and a minimalistic design and layout will mean that it can load faster than a website which has a lot of heavy content in it.
  • Optimizing the way in which the web designer writes codes for the website also helps in loading faster as it reduces file sizes of the documents on the websites.
  • Using external JavaScript and CSS files helps in loading the web pages faster.

These are the various ways in optimizing your website to load faster.


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