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The key to increasing your online presence is having a website. However, having a website is simply not enough. Note that, there are already millions of other websites competing for the same market as you and there are hundreds of thousands of new blogs every day. Therefore, the key is to ensure that your site is optimized to meet your market niche. Discussed herein, are tricks you can use to increase the visibility of your business through your site.

  1. There are No Average Users

    There is no definite accurate or incorrect means of building an award winning website. Then again, there are website design approaches which will only function in setting you up for failure. Hence, the secret is learning which methods to use to not only enhance the appearance of your site, but traffic.

    When designing a website you should not do it with an aim of suiting an average online user. You can build a website that suits the needs of majorities of your visitors through usability testing, redesign as well as analyzing.

    By taking the time to survey your consumers, you will be able to discover that roughly 90% plus of them have access to broadband internet connection. As such, download speeds ought not to be one of the items on your list of priorities when building a good website.

    Listed below, are the three key steps that will aid you in getting to know if you site really functions well:

    • Analise the usability of the site you are building.
    • Make improvements to your website.

    When building a website, you need to know that there are basically two kinds of web users. These are:

    • Browsers: This group simply refers to online users who have some spare time on their hands and are simply surfing the web. These types of users will make use of links available on your site to search for products or services. Whereas they are not searching for anything in specific, they are hoping to find something that suits them.
    • Searchers: This is a group of online users who have a specific goal. In a nutshell, they are searching for something. Searchers expect that they get whatever they are looking for straight from the search engine. These online users hardly have the time or energy to waste. If a searcher cannot get what they are looking for, they will most definitely leave your site and hop to the next site that provides them with what they are searching for.

    Unlike browsers, searchers are in a hurry. Therefore, when building an effective website, you need to cater for these two groups of online users.

  2. Define the Objectives of Your Site

    The next step to increasing traffic on your site is defining your goals and objectives. The following are some of the objectives you need to define when building a site:

    – 95% plus of webpages on your site ought to download in less than 3 seconds. In short, a 56kbps modem should be able to comfortably load your site.

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