6 Tools Every Web Designer needs in 2018

As we slowly move towards the end of 2017, we cannot help but think of what tools and design aspects will be targeted the most in the year of 2018.

The role of a web designer has changed drastically over the last couple of years, and in the year of 2018 we can begin to see that many web designers are going to have to focus on ensuring that the mobile aspect of every website they build is on par with the desktop version.

However, this is not the only aspect that web designers will need to focus on, with the other being site security and making sure that when the site there are as many hacking blocks and other programs that may track key movements and don’t store any versions of the website’s code or access to login or payment details.


VPNs are essential in ensuring that web designers can safely begin their design process and build their websites while protected from online viruses and hacking or malware.  So, what is VPN?  It is a software that connects servers without possibility of someone spying while the information is on transit.  This allows web designers the privacy to control the code exposure and ensure safety for their clients’ information and e-data.


Continuing on the topic of web security, all websites which have been in any state of completed creation must double check and maintain the correct SSL and HTTPS certificates. By enabling the domain safely on the web, the site is thereby accessible through Google and any other search engine. This also maintains the authorization as an official website, so the site ca stay online without being removed or targeted for improper use or mistaken as a scamming site.


Search Engine Optimization Tools

By choosing to make use of SEO, Web designers will be able to set up a website so that it performs well within the search engine and boosts the website’s business. For example, Yoast allows users to increase their frequency and reach of advertising based on potential-customers’ online google searches to optimize traffic to their site.


VR for WordPress

One of the biggest innovations this year was the introduction of Virtual Reality to the general public, and it has been increasing in popularity not only for games and movies, but for general web browsing as well. In 2018 we should be ready for the turn of technologies, where many websites which are run off platforms like WordPress will begin to be optimized of VR experience to get ahead of the curve.



As websites should be designed for speed, allowing the user to find what they are searching for instantaneously, it is no surprise that we should continue to see an increase in the number of Chatbots/virtual website assistance availible. Providing users a platform to ask questions or advice without an employee sitting and surfing through the requests to ‘turn it off and on again’ is the main idea behind the implementation of Chatbot’s AI, programmable to your needs and available at any hour for the users.


User Behavior tracking                                                                 

Lastly, we end with a tool that has been around for a while, but within the coming year we should expect to see user behavior tracking engines begin to play a larger role in the way that a website is designed. As content is posted to the website and other social media platforms in order to target audiences by age, sex, region, or religion, the data collected and supporting certain styles of graphics will divide the potential customers more extremely. And with social media review, the ability to track and tailor make a website to a certain consumer is easier than ever before

So we expect for 2018 to bring new technologies and new trends to the forefront of the web designer’s world in hopes of improving user experience and user data safety.




Mars Cureg

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