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When looking for design inspiration for your new website, there are really two different places online that can help: There are blogs that offer content and the latest news about how to design a great webpage, and there are blogs that offer examples and inspiration. Both of these blogs often teetering into the realm of the other, but more or less you want to try and get a good mix of both. You want to know what is trending in the world of web design and you want to be able to get started, but sometimes you need that spark to give you an idea and a vision of your new website.
Oftentimes people randomly look at blogs on the Internet for inspiration, but there are websites that have done that for you. These websites listed below have pulled together different elements of websites and different web designers in order to display some of the most cutting edge designs. Never copy a website, but pay attention to colors, layouts, and the different types of art to help you create something on your own.
Top 5 Websites to Find Web Design Motivation

  1. Drawn Blog – This blog is great for animation and cartoons. If this is potentially the type of route you want to take your website, Drawn Blog has tons of new ideas.
  2. 1 Design Per Day – I like this blog because it is easy. Sometimes looking for inspiration can be overwhelming, but this website only shares one design per day.
  3. Creattica – This site is great because it splits off its different design ideas into categories under the umbrella term “inspiration”: CSS websites, Flash websites, Business Cards, Logos, and many more. This helps you look through the designs quicker because you know where to go to find exactly what you came for.
  4. Design Your Trust – This website is great because it brings in designers from all around the world. This is also a website that offers designs for many different mediums—fashion, advertisements, websites, etc.—and it is updated several times each day.
  5. Deviantart – I like this website because of its layout. It fits quite a few designs onto one page, and there is a good variety of different types of art. After all, if you’re looking for inspiration you may not really know what you want until you see it.

It is important that when you’re looking for inspiration you know when to stop. The biggest problem I have is not being able to commit to one design idea. There are billions of different designs available online for you to check out, but there comes a time when you need to stop. When you feel inspired, go with it. These sites are ways to help, but it’s ultimately up to you to create something that fits the personality of your site.

Did you find design inspiration anywhere on the web? What websites did you find the most helpful?

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