5 Types of Websites You Can Create Using WordPress

WordPress started out as a basic blogging platform. Since these humble beginnings, it has developed into one of the most versatile website development platforms on the planet. It is used by all kinds of individuals and organizations for a wide range of purposes. Below are five of the most common types of websites you can create with WordPress today.


WordPress has made blogging more accessible to huge numbers of people and organizations around the world. Millions of blogging sites exist and WordPress is the driving force behind a huge percentage of these types of interactive websites.

A blog can be used in a number of different ways. It can be used to promote products and services and to keep online audiences updated about the latest developments in a business, niche or industry.web-design

Brochure Websites for Businesses

Some WordPress website owners simply want to let people know they exist online. The WordPress platform is suitable for building static, brochure style websites that are perfect for advertising businesses.

These types of websites usually contain some basic information about a business, the services they provide, social media details, client testimonials, case studies and a contact page. Brochure style websites can be extended to include more optimized web pages to attract search engine traffic and blogging features can also be activated so that a business can interact with other people online.

Membership Websites

A lot of people like to be kept updated about the latest developments in a particular niche or industry. The best way to do this is to interact with like-minded people online. Other people want to learn more about a particular topic and are prepared to pay for the privilege.

In both of these instances, creating a membership website is the best way to cater for the needs of these people. Various WordPress membership scripts have been developed that allow a website owner to create free or paid membership websites, where they can privately discuss their favorite topic or obtain new information.

Physical Product Stores

Setting up a store to sell physical products online may sound complicated. However, WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin in particular, have made it much easier to set up your own e-commerce website. You can list products for sale, take orders, look after the fulfillment of orders and much more through an easy to use administration panel that includes all the features you expect to find in a modern e-commerce platform.

Digital Product Stores

Every type of digital product can be sold using WordPress. The most common types of digital products available include eBooks, prints, diagrams, pdf’s, audio files and videos. These items are simply uploaded to a server and listed on your website. When someone purchases a copy of your digital product, they make their payment and the product is either sent to them by email or they receive a download link.

Many people think WordPress is just another blogging platform. As you can see, it is much more than that and can be used to create different types of websites for individuals and organizations.

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