What CMS Should I Use to Create a Website?

A question arises in front of every individual or an organization when they plan to launch a website “What CMS Should I Use”.

Having an online presence these days has become a necessity but it is getting more and more difficult everyday to choose which platform would suit your needs. There are these three most commonly used CMS platforms that we can use to build our website.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogspot
  3. Joomla

All the above mentioned Content Management Systems are well equipped and have a vast variety of features to offer. It only depends on your website; which CMS would suite you the best.

CMS’ Features for Personal Website or Blog

Creating a personal website or a personal blog should be developed at minimum cost, because nobody has intention to earn from it. There are only a few things that every individual needs before start posting to the website or a blog; good design, easily understandable backend, better SE optimization, reliability, and a few basic features.

WordPress – You can browse and select your preferred WordPress theme from thousands of free available themes. There is a built-in function to search themes for your WordPress installation; you can search by color, layout and even search by the functionality you need.

Blogspot – A website on Blogspot is hosted on Google’s server which is a free service. This platform was specially created for bloggers to have a free blog. You don’t really need a .com if you don’t want to invest even $10 in the beginning 🙂

Joomla – Similar to WordPress Joomla have many things to offer for personal website or a blog; but it is more likely to be used by people who are familiar with the platform. If compared to WordPress or Blogspot, Joomla is a little difficult to understand.

CMS’ Features for Corporate Identity

Every small, mid or high-level corporation needs to have an online identity. Big companies needs many type of web applications, they use their own email addresses and online storage for file sharing between cities or countries. Many companies have developed their own online applications for their accounts, HR, marketing and other departments. Having an attractive website and a blog is a must for such big corporations.

WordPress – WordPress being the most flexible content management system allows you to design a custom theme and you can get almost unlimited amount of free and paid plugins. Usually you don’t need to create multiple functionalities from scratch because of the vast collection of free plugins WordPress has to offer. You can make your website very interactive yes beautiful. Big corporations also promote their website by containing a blog in the website, if you don’t need much more than a professional website and a blog, you won’t need to look for another CMS.

Blogspot – This platform is basically for bloggers and it is difficult to find appropriate developers to develop a website that you need on Blogspot platform.

Joomla – Being the king of difficult website, if you are ready to invest huge amount in development you can get almost anything with Joomla. Joomla is mainly used where WordPress fails to give you more flexibility.

The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She is content writer and guest blogger. She loves to share the secrets and tips about how to create a blog for your business in simple steps.


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