What is the Best Mass Email Program?

Do you need a mass email program? If you do any kind of email marketing, this type of software can make your life much easier. Once you have an email list of any size at all, it becomes time consuming and inefficient to do your emailing manually. A good mass email program enables you to automate this task and get the most leverage from your list.

Why You Need a Mass Email Program

The most successful marketers know that the best way to maximize their profits is to automate as many tasks as possible. They also know that it’s important to keep expenses down.

When you have an email list, you want to be able to send out your messages according to your own schedule. It’s also very beneficial to brand your newsletter in a professional and appealing manner.

Bulk email programs let you do these things and much more. While you could subscribe to an autoresponder service, that entails paying a monthly fee. With a good software such as Thunder Mailer (we will talk more about this software later), once you own it, it’s all paid for and all of the benefits you get can be counted as profit.


The problem is, there are hundreds of email programs out there. They come with many different features, benefits and price tags. How do you choose the best one?

I have looked at a large number of mass email programs, seeking one that gives the best possible value. The one that stands out is Thunder Mailer. This software is easy to setup and does the job really well. The Quick Start Wizard gets me started in less than 15 minutes!

Benefits of Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer is a versatile program that can be downloaded by anyone using a Windows OS. There are some definite advantages to having software installed on your computer as opposed to using a web based solution, such as an Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp.

With a software, you own it outright and have full control over it. With Thunder Mailer (check it out at Thundermailer.com), you can download it for free and try it out before deciding if you want to keep it.

Here are some of the notable features that you get with this software.

  • Quick Start Wizard – This makes it simple and fast to setup your project. No need to be an expert programmer. In just a few clicks you will be ready to send out bulk emails to your email lists!
  • Send Unlimited Emails – With other software or autoresponder services you have to worry about how many emails you can send. Not with Thunder Mailer because you can send unlimited number of emails!
  • Easy to Create and Save Campaigns – If you already have a mailing list, you can import it and use it with Thunder Mailer. It’s also convenient to filter out invalid and bounced emails as well as unsubscribes.
  • Compatibility – When you send out emails, you want your recipients to receive them no matter what email client they are using. Thunder Mailer is fully compatible with all major email services.
  • Preview the Look of Your Emails – Before you send your messages out, you can get a preview to see how they will look when your subscribers open them. This allows you to edit and make improvements before emailing them.
  • Manage Your List – Thunder Mailer gives you many ways to manage your list. Aside from being able to add and store unlimited email addresses, you can segment your lists based on interests or demographics, clean up your list (i.e. delete duplicate or suspicious emails) and combine lists.
  • Personalize Emails – This is something that all of the top email marketers do. It will help to improve your open rates, and also avoid getting your messages sent into the spam folder.
  • Reasonable Price – You can download and try out Thunder Mail for free.  If you do decide to keep it, you can get it for $69, although that is a special promotion that may not last forever.

Why Thunder Mailer is a Great Value

In comparing different email programs, you have to consider both the price and the features the software offers. The price, of course, is only one consideration. It is, however, something everyone cares about – and it does come into the equation when it comes to value.

In comparing email software, I’ve seen a great variety of prices and features. In many cases, companies will offer a free version that only allows for limited mailings. This is not very helpful in the long run, as once your email list gets beyond 100 subscribers (or whatever the limit may be), you will need to upgrade.

The upgrades can be costly, depending on which brand and package you choose.

I haven’t seen an email program that offers the kind of features that you get with Thunder Mailer for less than $100. Some of these companies will offer a “pro” or “business” version of the software that is loaded with features, but they will put a high price tag on it. For $69 (as of this writing), Thunder Mailer will give you a full range of benefits!

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build an online business. To get the most out of it, however, it’s necessary to have access to the right technology. If you don’t have the right software, you may be lacking in some crucial area. To find out more about Thunder Mailer and see for yourself why I highly recommend them, visit: http://www.thundermailer.com

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