Why Bluehost is the best!

I must confess that when I first decided to start a website, reducing the cost of maintaining a website took precedence over signing up for a reputable web hosting provider. After all, didn’t all web hosting companies come with the same fancy gadgets and technology, only with different marketing gimmicks and profit margins?

The funny thing about life is that we all have this nasty habit of looking the other way when something goes terribly wrong- which in my web hosting experience certainly did occur. One week after I launched my web site, my web pages began to take infinitely longer to load. Days after that, my site was suspended- despite claims from the web hosting company of a 99.9% uptime!


Of all the annoying moments my lousy web hosting service provider put me through, I can testify that one of the scariest moments I’ve ever experienced as a website owner is being on the phone and trying to connect to another human being on the (falsely reported) 24-hour support line, as I ask myself over and over again why didn’t I bother backing up all my website files, and what would it mean to lose months of work and profits just because I thought it would be a good idea to support a dodgy shoe-string webhosting company  which apparently is being run by a Faceless, Non-Existent Entity.

Bluehost: A History of Awesome

I’d almost given up on continuing with my website at that point, because the whole thing seemed like such a hassle and I really didn’t want to wake up in cold sweat at 2AM in the morning just because my bloody website was down again. But then I came to experience another human emotion around that time, and it happened to be that all-too familiar jealous feeling of looking up a competitor’s site and realizing how much more you could contribute to the Internet, if only you had a reliable website everyone could refer to!

So that was how I decided to bite the bullet and make my second website debut via Bluehost, after I read the Bluehost review on 100Webhosting.com. If you are like me and have become greatly wary of so-called start-up companies offering hosting services, you would be pleased to know that Bluehost has been in the web hosting business for nearly two decades! While other companies are in the habit of out-sourcing different components of web hosting, they have already established their own 20,000 square feet data centre complete with hosting servers, custom Linux kernel and a private nationwide 10 gigabit fibre network.

One Web Hosting Plan

Unlike other web hosting providers which typically offer a wide variety of hosting plans, Bluehost only offers one web hosting plan to suit most needs. The fact that their hosting plan also comes with unlimited disk storage space, unlimited domain hosting and a full set of other interesting features such as free scripts, a wide range of CGI/Databases support, e-Commerce and multimedia features all for only $3.95 per month (if you sign up through 100Webhosting.com) is pretty reasonable. After all, a Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino already costs USD4.05 for a Venti-sized mug!

Other interesting freebies thrown into the plan includes a free domain name registration for a year and a free drag and drop site builder, too. Google credits amounting up to a grand sum of $100 is also awarded to new customers as well, presumably to help you begin advertising your website’s presence via Google for free.

 Millions Can’t Be Wrong

So in a nutshell, Bluehost offers plenty of great features and is a responsible web hosting provider. It comes with great tech support and thanks to the Economy of Scale, anyone can enjoy great web hosting service at an affordable price.

If you’re really serious about beginning a career or hobby which happens to involve building websites, I highly recommend Bluehost services. After all, over 20,000 new customers register at Bluehost every month, which is a pretty clear testament to the Company’s remarkable track record at keeping its clientele happy. As for me, I sleep well these days and my websites still load pretty fast, regardless of what time it is.

I must also thank the editors at 100Webhosting.com for bring us such a good review, without which I may not even know them what more hosting my websites with them!




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