Why Developers Can’t Afford to Overlook Website Design

The importance of a website in the current marketing scenario is not hidden from anyone, and thus every business today owns an online portal. In the whole process of website development, many a time developers ignore the designing section, which certainly is not a good practice. Designing is no more a mere layout of the website, rather, it’s much more than that.

If someone has a doubt on the importance of website designing, the stated below points can be an eye-opener.

Forms the foremost impression

Everyone must have heard of the phrase, ‘first impression is most lasting’. Well, it is not just any random set of words; it has got truth in it. The first impression of a business is formed by its design. It is a good design that gives a feeling of professionalism, on the flip side a bad design shouts out loud the casual attitude.

This nowhere means that one needs to go all flashy, even a two tone background is enough for the purpose. The cluster free simple design is all that it takes to make a lasting impression.

So, a developer must keep in mind that the first impression of all his hard work will be rendered by the design.


Fetch lime light for business objective

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

– By Charles Eames

The flash banner on the top of the homepage or a slideshow, all these speak a lot about the business. They provide a glimpse of the products or services rendered by the company, and on the same hand it straightway brings the purpose of the website in limelight.

For instance, the shopping cart in the top right corner of the web portal makes it clear that it’s an ecommerce website. Herein before the content, the graphic did the task.

Web development specialists must take this point into consideration that the website design is the first mode of interaction with the users.

Promotes search engine friendliness

People who are engaged in the internet business must be aware of search engines and their parameters. The leading search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, fall for well designed websites.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

– By Steve Jobs

A good web designer will make sure that the page loading time of the website comes out to be very less so that the portal enjoys high rank on the search engines. In addition to this, easy and simple navigation is another example of a reliable design, which further is a golden coin for search engines.

Boosts user friendliness

Always keep one thing in mind, a website is not created just for search engines, but also for the end users. Designing contributes equally to the user friendliness of the website. The page loading time and navigation not only enhances search engine ranking, but also boosts user friendliness.

Draws high traffic

Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.

– By Thomas Watson Jr.

As mentioned in the very first point, design leaves the foremost and lasting impression. Thus, it is one of the biggest crowd puller for an online portal. Many a time users simply click and stick to a website because they enjoy the creativity concealed in the design.

So basically the web development experts must be aware of the fact that the design will fetch in traffic for the website.


Both designing and development are two faces of the same coin. Each of them has its own worth that can’t be ignored at any cost. Developers thus must not just limit their concentration to the codes, but must take the designing part in consideration.

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