Why Every Website Owner Should Build a List

If there is one lesson that I have learned well as an Internet marketer it is this. Building a list is one of the most important things you will need to do for your business. In fact it is the one thing that you should begin doing right now. Here are some reasons why list building is critical to the strength and success of your business.

What is List Building?

You have probably heard the term list building a lot. What exactly does it mean? Building a list can be done in several ways. It means making a list of people whom you can contact legally, usually by email. These people are either your established customers or potential customers. They have all given their consent for you to contact them about news and offers.

List Building and Your Business

Making a list will increase sales conversions and profits for your business. This is because you will have been able to build a relationship with them and they trust you. Trust is one of the main ingredients of selling. If a potential customer has trusted you with their email address and joined your list, then they have indicated they want to hear from you and will be interested in your offers. Customers have already bought from you so they already trust your products and want to hear about related ones.

Email Marketing Saves Time and Money

Email marketing is the method of communicating to your list. It is not only effective but can save you time and money. Email marketing is done with an auto responder. This software allows you to write to many people and will allow them to subscribe and unsubscribe from your list. You can also set up auto responder sequences that can be used again and again as new people join your list. These are powerful selling tools and once they are set up will continue selling for years to come. This saves you time as they will work on autopilot.

Email marketing will save you money. You do not have to be involved with expensive advertising when you have your auto responder sequences working. You only have to pay the monthly fee for the auto responder, $19.00 to $20 at the most and the rest is pure profit.

Multiple Lists Mean More Profit

All successful Internet marketers know that niche marketing will increase profits and allow you to build very successful businesses in specialized markets. List building works the same way. In order to gain maximum profits and the highest sales conversions you should segment your market and build separate lists for them. This will make your list building very profitable.

As you can see from these few points list building is a must for any web based business. You can save your time, boost your profits and develop your enterprise into a very successful business just by building lists of customers and potential clients. Now all you have to do is to start building your profitable list.


Deborah is a full-time writer and blogger who specializes in internet marketing, list building, and SEO. She also enjoys writing about personal finance and is a regular contributor at CreditLoan.com.


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  • Grace Miles

    I definitely agree. Lists make everything easier– these individuals have given you consent already to email and contact them, and it’s just a win-win situation for you and everyone else!

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