Why Have Infographics Become So Popular?

In the modern world the importance of making an instant impact can not be overstated enough. The ability of infographics to do this is probably the biggest reason for their popularity.

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Presenting Facts Concisely

Infographics are a way of presenting important facts in a concise fashion through a mixture of images and text. This makes it easier to digest notable facts, and to do so more quickly than when reading an article of several hundred words. Reading a long article can appear daunting for someone searching for information, and needing to find that information quickly. Because images with text can be absorbed instantly, it’s no surprise that infographics appeal to so many net users.

The Popularity of Sharing Infographics

On the internet, sharing images has always been popular, and this is another advantage that infographics have over text only information. In social media a lot of information can be passed around, and often, purely because of time issues, images will attract people’s attention more than text that people don’t have time to read.

Link Advantages

Another plus in the favour of infographics is if and when they contain a link, which leads back to the website the infographic originates from. If the infographic is easy to share and widely shared then this will boost the page ranking of the website in search engines. This fact alone encourages an increase in infographics to not only present facts, but to help boost the popularity of a website.


Infographics can also act as quickfire tutorials on many subjects, or to promote products. Advertisers have not been slow in realizing the benefits of utilizing the power of infographics, and an appealing infographic can end up being spread on the internet. Consequently, a product can be advertised freely. Because infographics are relatively new, this can work as an advantage for companies. When presenting a product to a public that has grown up with television, radio, magazine, and newspaper advertising, it requires something special in those mediums to grab people’s attention. Advertising in an infographic has a freshness by comparison.

A Good Way of Presenting Statistics

A popular way of using infographics is to publish statistics. This can work really well when trying to get across election results. Political infographics can include detailing each party’s share of the vote, what area saw their highest share of the vote, and how the sexes voted. Statistics can also be used in infographics, when detailing the results of polls, which can range from favourite TV shows to favourite pop stars. Statistics in infographics will work well as an educational tool, too, which can be effective when presenting information about history, geography, and science.

Interactive Is the Future

Interactive seems to be the future of infographics. Static infographics can give out a lot of information quickly, but interactive infographics will engage people more. Interactive infographics will be more of a time-consuming experience, but will surely become as popular, if not more so, than the original static type of infographic.

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  • Maneet Puri

    Great! Images often speak much louder than words, which is why infographics have become popular today. People on the internet at present lack patience and time to read massive information, which is why a healthy combination of texts and images work really well for service websites. Besides that, even I feel infographics are much more interactive than texts alone and help in retaining prospective audience in an effective manner.

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