Why Magento Provides the Best Ecommerce Store Development Quality

Magento Development Company was launched in the year 2008 and since its inception it has evolved as one of the most dynamic ecommerce solutions with the help of which it is possible to integrate loads of cutting edge features in your online shopping site that are primarily needed for your website. Here are some of the reasons owing to which it is regarded as the most superior ecommerce store development solution in the recent times.

How many stores do you want to integrate?

No matter how many online shops you own, Magento needs to be installed only once. Moreover, multiple integrations do not imply that the users have to compromise with the functionalities that are available in a single ecommerce website. If the user install the Magento only once, then it will be possible to handle many stores with it having unique domain names as well as IP address.

With Magento you do not need to register

The most obvious question that strikes a client while hiring shopping online is: Why do we need to register? And this can also affect the conversion rate of the online shopping platform as most guest visitors regard registration as a cumbersome procedure. However, if you use Magento this problem can be easily solved as the guest visitors do not need to register but only provide some of the basic information that is required for making the purchase. This is an important factor for converting the guest into loyal customers of your site.

Easy sales tracking option

One of the most unique features of Magento is that the users will be able to track and handle many ecommerce accounts from a single webpage. All information with regard to transactions taking place in a particular website like the list of inventories, sales figure, orders that are being placed and other such important records can be tracked from a single account. This feature is most suitable for those entrepreneurs who run more than one online shopping sites. It saves them a lot of valuable time as they do not need to hop from one site to the other for gathering the accounts of their multiple shops.

Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytic

Magento has been developed in such a way so that Google Website Optimizer, a unique optimization tool can be integrated in it with ease. This is an open source tool with the help of which it is possible to augment the conversion rate of the website by conducting A/B and other forms of testing of the content of the website. On the internet you are definitely going to come across many tutorials which are going to help you with a detailed explanation of the whole procedure. Moreover all Magento platforms come with integrated Google Analytics which provides the webmaster with a detailed statistical data related to online shopping like the detailed accounts of the inventories, conversion rates and other such important factors.

Magento Templates

Easily customizable templates or themes come along with the Magento platform thus providing the developer with a unique base to work on. These themes can be easily customized to create an exclusive ecommerce website and thus save a lot of valuable time which the designer can devote in developing the other features of the ecommerce website.

SEO friendly

Last but definitely not the least important reason because of which Magento Development Company has turned out to be the hot favorite of the online shop owners is the fact that this platform is extremely search engine friendly. The tags, HTML coding of the platform, descriptions and urls are specific and clear. This factor has vastly contributed to the increasing traffic of the website by giving it a higher rank in comparison to other websites of the same genre.

Magento has all the features that can help an online store to flourish by providing the users with a user friendly experience. Moreover it also has all the applications that make it extremely convenient for the webmaster to handle their online store. All these facts have positively contributed to the popularity of Magento and making it the most sought after platform in the recent time.

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