Will Facebook be Integrated in iOS 6?

Will Facebook the social networking monster finally be incorporated into iOS 6, the impending operating system from Apple Inc. for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad? According to TechCrunch, a technology website, both sides are almost at the threshold of formalizing a liaison for integrating Facebook in the newest iOS version.

TechCrunch can only guess but they feel that Apple will try to keep it simple in the first Facebook/iOS incorporation at least. Other than authentication, it will most likely come with a button for Facebook in the present share screen that will allow you to share on your Facebook Wall. They are not sure if it will do much for auto sharing or Open Graph.

They also added that how Facebook iOS SDK will play with the present Facebook SDKs is an open question. How this app will offer access to more robust sharing features is also a question. These are some reasons why Apple offers iOS previews to developers before putting it in the market.

It mentioned that there has been several rounds of talk between Facebook and Apple. In February, Tim Cook the Apple CEO informed some investors that Facebook was perhaps the sole enterprise that is close to being like Apple.

TechCrunch mentioned that some time back Apple worked on a large App Store promotion for the new camera app from Facebook, which shows that they were surely aware of it from before. They mentioned that at the recent D10 conference Cook had called Facebook an excellent company.

It was noted by TechCrunch that integration of Facebook showed in an unreleased iOS 4 developed few years back. At that time Apple went with Twitter as the key sharing service and third-party authentication in iOS 5 instead, and the Facebook/Ping integration was left at the kerb.

For the moment Twitter will remain a vital part of the upcoming iOS.

According to TechCrunch, this is a big win for Facebook as till now it depended on the lone Sign On system in iOS. Here you have to click the connect button in the app to get fast application switch over to the Facebook application for authorizing permissions.

The website mentions that Facebook, when integrated into iOS will become simpler to manage. You can check the Twitter integration to see how it will work. TechCrunch mentions that in contrast, Apple’s forthcoming desktop and laptop platform, OS X Mountain Lion may not have Facebook integration for now.

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