WordPress on Mobile with the Help of Android

The World has become so advanced technologically that you can now achieve anything and everything with the help of your mobile. Yes you can also post blogs on to your WordPress from your mobile. In reality the WpToGo has the capacity to handle manifold WordPress blogs. WpToGo allows you to manage WordPress from your Android gadget. You can append posts, transfer photos, and analysis comments. While you make or even edit a post, WpToGo lets you to arrange text, place the categories, insert labels, and yet save the work as a draft. Both to post to or even to manage any blogs all you have to do is to merely select it from the foremost screen and you will get connected instantly with your live blogs, your confined drafts which is stored on the phone, as well as all of the fresh notes that are been placed on that blog but not yet handled. Each of the above mentioned 3 functions are featured on the individual tab.

When a new blog is being added then you need to set up only once and that too on a single screen. You need to type your ID as well as the password and then you need to configure the appearance of the image which you would be transferring from your phone on to your blog post. You can also configure how the image should be displayed in your post. Bear in mind one thing and that is before you try to update any of your blog posts from your WpToGo you will have to make a minor set up in your blog settings. All you need to do is to go to your blog settings, and below the ‘Writing sector, enable XML-RPC.

As soon as you configure this part of your blog login on to your WpToGo, you can say that you are ready to begin screening, editing, posting and replying to comments on every blog posts of yours and that too directly from your mobile phone. The first tab allows you to view all your posts that are live. You need to just long-click so that editing of the post is enabled.

While you type you can also save the draft locally and it keeps updating as and when you add to the draft. All this takes only a few seconds and once you are done with the editing work you can either close or turn off your phone but your locally saved draft will be available next time you switch on your phone. You can finish your blog entry whenever you feel like doing so.

Once you complete your final draft then you need to select the publish alternative so that your post goes live. You can do it either immediately or even set it to be done as and when you want to do so. It is all so easy and simple that WpToGo, you can say has shrunk the world on to your palm.

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